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Nu Niles @ Zeppelin

Salou, Not Applicable, Spain

Salou, Not Applicable, Spain

Nu Niles @ Coyote Rock Bar

Cartagena, Not Applicable, Spain

Cartagena, Not Applicable, Spain

Nu Niles @ Crazy Horse

Bilbao, Not Applicable, Spain

Bilbao, Not Applicable, Spain

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This band has not uploaded any videos



".. What will happen if a mad Scientific lost between London and the Route 66 tried to create a Rock band that will like as much to our parents than the spanish cousin of Joe Strummer o Johnny Cash? The answer is pretty simple: The Nu Niles..." - La Möno (Spain) - March 2009

"... The Nu Niles variety of styles blends from Rockabilly to Spaguetti Western, and from swing to punk. We're meeting Mario Cobo to talk about those 10 years on the road... - Ruta 66 (Spain)

"..This impressive CD Flew from germany's Part Records and features four young and enthusiastic cats from Spain....Mario Cobo's guitar playing is outstanding and he penned three quarters of the tracks sung in english... I dig those tracks and if you like the early Los Lobos , those are a treat.." - Blue Suede News (USA)

"Here we got the new album with 14 tracks of the Nu Niles. Rockabilly meets Pop-Punk, Garage and sometimes even indiepop. Nowadays the band sounds more crossover but still with a heavy Rockabilly drive... They can play also slower numbers like the country-like "One month.." or the jazzy "That girl again". Absolutely recommendable for people who loves variety." - Dynamite Magazine (Germany)

"... that sounds like elvis, Eddie Cochran or Buddy Holly. In quiet moments they come close to the Everly Brothers, in rough moments they sound like an 80's psychobilly band. Is that mix that makes the Nu Niles exciting. Their version of Rock'n'Roll is rousing, dry as a bone, greasy and slimmed up to the absolutely necessary: a guitar (Mario Cobo) sometimes crystal-clear sound, sometimes raw and distorted, a double bass (Ivan Kovacevic) furiously fast slapped and drums (Marco Antonio) that sounds liek an upcoming thunderstrom..." - Göttinger Tageblatt (Germany)

"The title of this album is the perfect metaphor to describe the survival instinct of The Nu Niles: the spanish trio has been always "out-of-hype" with their personal rockabilly... This is really open album with a range of styles that keep the audience listening and waitin for the next song.. 8/10" - Popular1 (Spain)

"...we're just in front of a CD mixing many styles without forget the original Rock'n'Roll and most of the tunes will keep in your head after the first listening..." - Pack de Só (Catalunya - Spain)

"... Cobo is gettin better than ever composing, more mature, less restricted to any style than ever. That gives them to get a unique sound as a band in the spanish rock market..." - Mondo Sonoro - Spain


• 1998 “Haircut Boogie” EP (El Toro Records)
• 1999 “Good Luck, Good Friends & Good Rockin’” 10”LP (Part Records)
• 2000 “El Tren de la Costa” 7” EP (Part Records)
• 2000 “Good Luck, Good Friends & Good Rockin’” CD (Part Records)
• 2003 “Get Set… Go!” CD (Alpina Records)
• 2005 “Destination Now” CD (Revel Yell Music) LP (El Toro Records)
• 2007 “You didn’t come to my funeral” CD & LP (El Toro Records)
. 2009 "El Crujir de Tus Rodillas / Ya Llegan" 7” (PIAS Spain)
. 2009 “Sin Rendicion” CD (Buenritmo / Arañazo)

Plus several songs on compliations released in Europe, Mexico and the US.



Right from the moment they first formed in 1996, The Nu Niles have been playing the music they love. They started as a pure rockabilly band when that idea was totally anti-fashion, and probably one of the most underground things a band could be doing. They kept evolving until they found the unique Nu Niles sound of today – a mixture of basic Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Surf, Punk, Ska, TexMex and Spaghetti Western themes, which somehow creates a solid whole.
Their proper debut is an acknowledged classic of Spanish rockabilly, and an LP that has become a reference point for all lovers of the style: what else could we be talking about than Good Luck, Good friends and Good Rockin’ (PART records, 1998)? A few years down the line, with the current line-up in place, they reinvented themselves under the banner of “Authentic 50’s Punk” on an LP packed with a variety of influences and an energy and sound leaning more towards greased-back garage-punk, opening them up to a more varied audience. Destination Now was like a blast of fresh air for anyone hearing the band for the first time. It’s something of a collector’s item among many lovers of Rock ‘n’ Roll, touching a variety of styles and genres without ever settling on any single one. It would have been easy for the band to repeat the formula on their next record You Didn’t Come to My Funeral (El Toro Records 2007) but instead they kept on pushing and under he capable guidance of Mike Mariconda (Raunch Hands, Devil Dogs, The Vancouvers) they made a rock ‘n’ roll record that took a lot more risks and managed to be a lot more raw, while at the same time being more mature in terms of song-writing and arrangements. Around this time, the band came up with the idea of doing a whole album in Spanish, deciding to record it during the Funeral sessions. The Nu Niles have more than ten european tours to their name and two on the West coast of the USA as well as having played at the most prestigious rockabilly/rock ‘n’ roll festivals in the world. (Let’s see: Viva Las Vegas (USA ’02), Greenbay (USA ´03 and ‘05), Hemsby (UK ’98 & ’01), Rockin’ Rollin’ Walldorf (Germany ’00), Summer Jamboree (Italy ’04), Psychomeeting (Spain, ’05), Hollywood Showdown (USA ’05 and '07) Rockabilly Bombardment (Austria '08) and too many others to mention.
So it would be pretty safe to say that this is a band with a solid live reputation who are more ready than ever to take the stage (their natural habitat) to present the songs from their new album, Sin Rendición.