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Nuno Baker


Nuno Baker is quickly becoming a forefront of live music from NYC to Boston and quickly the east coast. From sharing venues with The Slip to achieving press in global magazine Elle Girl, Nuno Baker is leaving a mark that says they will not be left unheard. They are truly the band to book in 2006.


The present members of Nuno Baker came together in mid-summer of 2004. However, their early years together entailed many different styles and members; a band open to playing as a community, organizing different venues with set lists ranging from covers, original music, and free improvisation.

During the fall of 2002, the band was invited to record their first demo at Renaissance Studios in Boston. David Lefkowitz, one of Bostons best, engineered and produced the recording. The demo included several of originals, jams and a well-known Dispatch cover. Throughout 2003, the band performed at places such as RISD, Tabor Academy (where they opened for the Slip), Fairhaven High, Dartmouth High (sold out), Gallery X, Dockside Cafe, Uncle Jon's Coffee, the New Bedford Yacht Club, and any basements or DIY venues the band was contacted for.

In August of 2004, Nuno Baker noticed the growth of original material moving into a totally unique sound. After new member Spencer King (bass, tenor saxophone) had joined the band in mid summer 2004, the line-up was complete. The guys started to pursue their new innovative sound. Nuno started booking rapidly throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. They topped off the summer with a tremendous show, a large outcome of 80-100, at The Living Room in Providence. Nuno extended their fan-base playing shows at Simmons College and a residency at Tommys Place in Providence. In September 2004, Nuno was invited into Moses Brown studios with the intent to capture their new approach to music on tape. Nine original songs were recorded in just two days and two nights thanks to a steady diet of creativity and caffeine.

At the start of 2005 the band met to polish and record four new tunes and further work on their first album, "When Life Loved Back." In January, the band was contacted by Elle Girl Magazine to perform at a benefit/fundraiser on January 21 in Somerset for the Tsunami victims and AIDS awareness. The band appears in the magazine's April '05 issue.

The members of Nuno Baker dedicate a great deal of time to honing their performance, write new material, and attract new fans. The much-anticipated release of their first full album; When Life Loved Back will surely continue to build Nuno Bakers strong momentum! With their broad appeal, youthful energy and ever-expanding fanbase there is no limit to how quickly Nuno Baker will grow!

Nuno is currently working to fill remaining summer dates throughout New England, and looks forward to meeting you at one of their upcoming shows! For booking information and most current availability please contact:
Johnny Simon
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Nuno Baker - Self Titled EP
Nuno Baker - LIVE - due out summer of 06