Nuno Catarino

Nuno Catarino

 Lisbon, Lisbon, PRT

Fado seasoned by aromas of the Orient, African beats, and South American flavors, in a mixture of portuguese fado with ethnic music, jazz, and hip-hop.

Nuno Catarino's offer is a journey along the paths once crossed by the Lusitanian people.


Born in Lisbon, Nuno Catarino has been singing since he was 8 years old. First in the choir of the Grammar School he attended as a child, and afterwards in several non-professional, and semi-professional choirs, such as the Choir Capella Olisiponensis Basilicae Martyrum directed by Father Armindo Borges, one of the biggest world experts in music from the Renaissance, as tenor.

With a degree in Marketing Management, and post-graduations in Political Marketing, and Cultural Industries Management, Nuno Catarino never imagined that he would one day pursue an artistic career. However, his love for music, for singing, and for theatre pushed him to pursue further knowledge in those subjects with vocal coach and singing teacher Ms. Manuela de Sá, and attending several acting courses, and workshops.

The results of this work began to show in 2004, when he participated in a musical composed by Chico Buarque, Death and Life Severina; staged on Auditorio Armando Corts, in Lisbon; and that starred, among others, José Carlos Pereira, Patrcia Bull, Sofia Duarte Silva, and Isabel Angelino.

Since then he has starred in a number of plays, the majority of which aimed at children. Of those, the most important were Christmas Tale and Love Bread by Dalma Campos, mother of well known brazilian actress Thaís de Campos.

In September 2006 he premiered as a producer, and theatre author, with the play Le Club Chez Moi, that he wrote in collaboration with ris Barroso, and that has been on stage in several venues in Lisbon, such as Teatro Bocage, Lisboa Club Rio de Janeiro, CafCaf/ Bastidores, or OndaJazz.

"Easy Life", his second effort as theatre producer and author, premiered may 2010. In this play about the lifes of two prostitutes in Lisbon, Nuno Catarino sang a number of traditional fados with lyrics written by himself, and played the role of Sophia, a transexual seeking her truth and happiness.

Towards the end of 2007 Nuno Catarino was invited to collaborate in Festival de Música e Danças Tradicionais de Mumemo in Mozambique, a music and traditional dances monthly festival. That experience prompted him to produce the Africa em Movimento Gala at Convento do Beato on october 5, 2008 and in which he presented several songs from his debut album.


Tu que Trago nos Sentidos - 2012
Live at Convento do Beato - 2012

Gaivota - 2011
Estava Escrito (with Samir) - 2011
Tu que Trago nos Sentidos - 2012
Olhar - 2012
A Ti Me Entrego - 2013
Dentro de Nós - 2013