NUROKSOL (New Rock Soul)

NUROKSOL (New Rock Soul)

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

NUROKSOL (New Rock Soul) is 5 Urban brothas that represent Michigan in a variety of musical genres that decided to band together to create a sound of rock music that elevates the mind, body & spirit. Goose bump vocals with virtuoso musicianship laced with GOD gifted soul...


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NUROKSOL (Pronounced New Rock Soul)

NUROKSOL is an American Rock band formed in AnnArbor MI. NUROKSOL has shared the billing with DEF LEPPARD and Legendary ROCK ICONS, Deep Purple, REO Speedwagon, Grand Funk Railroad, Chicago and Styx.
NUROKSOL has shared the stage with many current and up & coming music industry trail-blazers such as Framing Hanley, Saliva, Third Eye Blind, Villebillies, Tantric, Days Of The New, Collective Soul, Critical Bill, Rehab & has had the pleasure of playing with Michigan's based national groups and artist such as Pop Evil Taproot, Sponge & Uncle Kracker & members of P. Funk.

Ever so often a band comes around with a certain uniqueness that grabs you from the opening song, and then gets better with each listen. Every song represents a wealth of funk and rock that vibrates the soul and soothes the mind. The fascination with this new breed of modern rock musicians is their instinctive ability to connect many genres of music, thereby shaping and molding it into something all of their own.

NUROKSOL‘s music can be described as a mix of Rock and R&B, with a touch of Soul, and a splash of Funk. With melodic harmonies, thunderous guitars and undeniable rhythm, their music is a combination of cadence and creative lyrics that is displayed at their live performances and captured on their albums.

The CD captures NUROKSOL‘s unique sound, with guitar riffs attacked from every angle, addictive rhythms, and compelling changes. There is never a break, mistake, or a missed note. Perfection is the word and music of this nature grows inside itself, and it will grow on you with each spin.

This modern rock outfit based out of Ann Arbor, Flint and Detroit Michigan, is Marlow-lead vocals; Ant Larkin-guitar/vocals; J Freeze-guitar: Randy-bass/vocals and

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+1 313 974 1669


I Know Ya

Written By: Anthony Larkin

Your so predictable, seems you’ve been that way for so long.
It’s quite incredible, that you could stay the same for so long.
When everything going right won’t take you long to find a way to tear it down.

You’re so predictable, you’ve never had much faith in anyone.
It’s quite incredible how you never had much faith in anyone.
You’ve never reached for love, how do you think love gonna reach you?

I know ya, better then you know yourself.
I know ya, YEA.
I know ya, better then you know yourself.
I know ya, YEA.

Your so predictable, you hurt them first cause your scared they’ll hurt you.
It quite incredible, why do you think they want to hurt you?
You’ve lost your trust in others, cause you’ve lost you trust in yourself.

You’re so predictable, you think we’re out to hurt like you do.
It’s quite incredible, why would we want to hurt like you do?
You don’t seem to recognize the pain you cause, tell me what entitles you?

I know ya, better then you know yourself.
I know ya, YEA.
I know ya, better then you know yourself.
I know ya, YEA.

Hurt is a cycle, pain is the same.
Why don’t you stop this revolution start to live again?
Hurt is a cycle, pain is the same.
Why don’t you stop this revolution, is all this just your mad elusion?


NUROKSOL's CD "As Yet Untitled" to be released early 2013

Release Date: May 23, 09
Song list:
1. Dreamers (exert w music)
2. Colours In The Sky
3. State Of Mine
4. I Know Ya 4:09
5. Got It Bad [Explicit]
6. U Can't
7. When I Close My Eyes
8. They All Fall Down
9. 1,2Faced
10. Shoe Shine Boy
11. Resolution
12. GoRoundUyet?
13. I O U
14. You's Belong
15. Still Here (+ exert)
16. Henry Pool Is Here
17. I Know A Girl

Set List

All original material...! We have up to 75min of kickin' rock music for artistic minds...