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"5 track demo"

Nursery of Naughtiness is made up of Gavin Whyte and Alastair Dawson. They have been making music for years but recently have formed N.O.N. The band has elements of Prodigy and DJ Shadow in their tunes. The track “Badlands” has an amazing beat with some samples scattered throughout the track giving it a big huge feel. “Numbers” has a big of a funky and will make people want to move. “Patience Of Saints’ is something you could hear off a Prodigy album. A big huge juicy guitar riff and with a rap vocal dotted a long it. “Shapes” is the band really hit their stride. It’s got the potential to be a huge club hit, huge sound and the sampled vocals just get you fired up. “Sifu Beats” brings a little Asian flavor to the table. The collection of songs here were very impressive. You can hear the band have a diverse set of influences but they just use that to their own advantage and create a great sound. Great showcase from a duo that’s going to be one to really look out for. This stuff is just too good.

by John Siwicki -

"early compliation"

"These guy's are able to transform urban comments into a musical synththonic statement"

Hawke Rating: 8/10

- Dj terry hawke

"lesson 1e.p review"

The founding members of the Nursery playgroup are Manchester lad Alastair Dawson and Huddersfield hooligan Gavin Whyte. Their new EP builds on an already impressive set of songs on their previous LP. First song, �Smart Engine� sounds like a mix of early 90s electro with contemporary break beat. The second track on the EP �Supa Hands� is clearly the best of the bunch. It just induces dancing. It sounds like it should be played during the openings of an action movie. The last track �Low Frequency Vibrations� is quite chaotic, energetic and yes bombastic.

by John Siwicki

Score: 8.9

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- comfort

"lesson 2 e.p review"

N.O.N has been consistently one of the best new electronic acts over the last few years. Lesson 2 follows on the successful Lesson 1 campaign which, saw the guys get a lot of high profile plays from Steve Lamacq to just name a few. The first song we get is "Eyes." The track sounds like a hybrid of Aphex Twin and The Prodigy. It has that cold hard edge of Aphex but also that grinding and piercing quality of The Prodigy. The tune is thrown right there in your face but the true classic here is "Substance D." The track us a great fusion of beats, guitars, synths that create a song as big and as epic as there is out there. Seeing the band grow and start to develop their sound has been a real treat to see. They are without a doubt one of the finest new electronic acts out there and one to keep on the radar. We simply love this stuff.

by John Siwicki

Score: 9.3 - comfort

"lesson 3 e.p review"

NON are back with the third installment of the �Lesson� EP's. The first two EP's have been staples in my late night listening with their very unique brand of electronic music . For �Lesson 3� the band just blew my mind with three absolutely authentic bangers. The first track is �The Requiem� starts with a sample out of the far east and then explodes right in to your speakers. The track uses vocals cleverly throughout the track each popping out at the right time. At times it is hard to really understand what they are saying and I can't help but get fired up for some reason. Then as the track fades out you hear two vocalists say �I want to watch the world burn down.� �The Collision� never slows down one second as it is constantly in your face. �The Nameless� starts with a little funk and begins to really heat up at the end with a lot of weird noises.

�Lesson 3� follows in a great string of series from the band. The EP's are each top notch but this one might be the best. The band have upped their game all over this. �The Requiem� on a CD three times would get me to buy this. The track is really that good.

Score: 9 - comfort


3 e.p releases to date on both download and vinyl available at all major sites. Receiving radio 1, xfm, kiss fm radio play which are the major stations of the uk and single of the week at 7digital plus featured releases at both beatport and itunes.

also weve had some tracks used by rip curl and on some British tv shows. weve also scored a feature length film



The Nursery of Naughtiness (N.o.N) began their sonic assault on the world when they clinched a record deal with Exceptional Records in 2006 after breakbeat supremo Rogue Element (signed under Exceptional records) heard an early demo on Radio 1. N.o.N's purpose in mind was to create a new and exciting dance act to create dance music with a razor sharp edge. These guys fuse elements of tough breaks, electronica and ambient to create a diverse sound reminiscent of the likes of The Prodigy and Aphex Twin.

Nursery of Naughtiness continue to push their music to new boundaries. Expect big beats, live guitars, synths, chunky helpings of bass and the odd chilled out moment just for good measure. Heavy support from Steve Lamacq and Annie Nightingale on Radio 1 and singles of the week at both Beatport, 7Digital and iTunes. They have been remixed by the likes of Far Too Loud and Jon Kennedy.

N.o.N also gig as live 2 piece act with headlined shows in London, Manchester and Leeds under the belts and with many more shows to come. Expect bone crunching beats and bass mixed with live Mc'ing. It's not to be missed!