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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Dj P Dog Reviews"


Ok let me start off by saying Stop letting your "PEOPLE" listen to your product, becasue your not going to get that honest opion. Here your going around with a cd that you thinking it's the ISH and it's only good for a drink coaster. Then do you realy listen to the cd your self??? I mean do you???? You can't listen to your product. The beats alone on the majority of the cds I get are str8 A$$ crack I can't get over the beats yet alone the subject matter.
Which brings me to this MIXTAPE???? again i type MIXTAPE???? this is 17 tracks with 8 diff producers and the beats alone get a 10 outta 10. This is a Mixtape but it could very well be an LP that's why i kept typing mixtape, because these tracks are str8 "Fish Greese" now it's offical if you pick up a NU TEZT CD the tracks will be HOT hands down you won't be dissaponted. It's now 2 mc??? I don't know what's up with that But I can say SYKES & SELF seem ta blend perfect together not a step is lost. All you other MC's need to get this cd and any past NU TEZT and studie it, I mean don't come out till you lean every thing: Time-n,subject matter,delevery so on and so forth. NU TEZT took there time and put out a Great mixtape and it's not just them raping over "Industry beats" and that's it, In fact they don't have not a ONE Industry beat on this mixtape they ar all orginal beats, Again that's why I kept typing MIXTAPE?????

8 outta 10 - Dj Pdog

"Nu Teztament Cd and Mixtape Review"

I just listened to the feature presentation album and the nu shit mixtape and I'm wondering to myself why the nu shit mixtape isn't just pressed up like the album because it should get the same amount of attention.

I have to say I'm impressed actually. in a thread a while ago I said if new artists want to make an impression on listeners, they need to come with three good albums in a row. so far J millz has passed me three different cds and they have all been really good. really solid. There might be a few tracks on each that I don't like but overall they are really solid. keep up the good work.

I'mma go out on a limb here and say the nu shit mixtape is the detroit rap mixtape of the year forerunner until someone knocks them off. Holla back - Dj J-Rock Detroit Michigan


Debut Lp "Feature Presentation" 2004
"Listening Hour Mixtape" 2004
Streaming audio can be heard @

2005- Nu $hit Mix Tape.


Feeling a bit camera shy


At first glance you have no choice but to see the diversity of Nu Teztament. The cultural make up of the group is unique. Which also is expressed in their music. Each emcce has the skills to hold there own on solo projects and at the same time they are able to form a cohesive partnerships that allows them to shine as a group . The music speaks for itself. Sometimes cocky and yet other times more laid back and jazzy. The tracks are full of emotion and true passion, which is lacking in some ways today in commercial music. This fresh new aspect on hip hop combined with honed writing and productions skills allows Nu Teztament stand out in a crowd . Frankly speaking , this group has impressed me since day one and they continue to surprise me . Do Not Miss out.

" Who are these kids?" your soon to be impressed by the skills these 2 youngsters posses. Carlos Eden - Self Centered has the abality to go head to head with anyone at any time in a battle , and is quick to jump into any cypher, stealing the mic and turnin heads. His cocky-ness and raw talent have made him a household name when you mention battle cats from Detroit. Self will be the first cat to say I am done battle rappin , but when it comes down to it and he is in a spot where cats are ripping each other verbally. He will take control of the mic and crowd, while tearin into the first unsuspecting victim. Watch out for this one he spits hot flames. Now on to the Great White Hype. Dan Sykes. Real names no gimmicks. This is by far the most talanted 17yr old I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. With a vocab that rivial only the webster dictionary itself, and a flow that will freeze even the most vertran of emcees Dan continues to make a name for himself. Like a good bottle of Wine ( Dan prefers Hen) it only is going to get better with age. Come get a taste . With the Debut of Nu-Teztament out of the way , the dynamic duo have dropped yet another album full of heat. With tracks by 8 different producers for a total of 17 tracks the "Nu Shit Mixtape" could sit in heavy rotation along side some of the greats.