"an invasive species of loud catchy powerpop rock"


Bob Spires and Jason Gonzalez cut their teeth on some of the best pop songwriting of the late 20th Century, from the Beatles to Wilco, a love showcased in their new foursome, the Athens, GA-based Nutria.
When Gonzalez and guitarist Chris Grehan joined Spires' band The Possibilities in 2000, Spires and the founding members had already released one full-length record. This self-titled debut featured "You Don't Mean It," the Spires-penned classic that went on to be a popular hit for The Minus Five, the Peter Buck (REM) and Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows) ensemble. And while Buck and McCaughey were playing "You Don't Mean It" for an audience of millions on Late Night with Conan O'Brian, the now five-member Possibilities were busy opening for acts such as Alex Chilton and REM, recording a new album, and co-writing new songs by the dozen with respected artists like Jack Logan.
The expanded musical and songwriting palette that Grehan and Gonzalez brought to the band helped their sophomore release, "Way Out," receive praise from the likes of the LA Times and No Depression. But as the quintet pressed on to record their third album, the band abruptly dissolved, leaving their quickly-growing fanbase to reverently speak of a "lost album" in the same hushed tones they once spoke of "Third/Sister Lovers."
After the split, Spires, Gonzalez, and Grehan regrouped, joined by drummer Joe Rowe (who earned his well-deserved pedigree with fellow scenesters The Glands). Not merely content for a Possibilties Redux, Nutria features some of the smartest, yet catchiest, compositions Spires and Gonzalez have written. And Grehan not only shines on guitar and bass, but proves his merit as producer as well, manning the console for
Nuria's sessions at his own PDM Studios.
Together they explore a wide swatch of musical territory, from the descending chords and power-pop harmonies of Hindsight 20/20, to the mechanical attack of Shonuff, to the "lost 70s radio hit" classicism of
Nothingman. It's an impressive mix of songwriting skills and musical chops that makes nutria one of the must-hear bands of 2005.
Now the group's lineup is complete with multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Dave Weiglan and drummer Jason Eshelman, both formerly of The Eskimos, and the Fairburn Royals. With vocal harmonies to spare, guitars raw and loud, bass low end rumble and bashing drums, Nutria is primed and ready for a stage near you, and a spin in your stereo.


Metronome - Album 2005
Cheef - Album 2006

Tracks playing at various CMJ stations

Set List

3 albums worth of originals, and counting. We can do a 20 minute set or a 3 hour set.
Covers out the wazoo, especially: The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Band, The Kinks, ZZtop, Badfinger, Guided by Voices, Matthew Sweet, new indie rock, 90s alternative, 50's oldies, 60's and 70's classic rock