This is a group of guys who have talent and passion for music. Our music is a Rock/Country/Fusion, mix that makes it relatable for all age groups and genres


This band has been 40 yrs in the making. Our music covers several types of genres, from rock to country to a little jazz fusion. We would be comfortable in a large venue or something as small as an open mic. The influences are many we all grew up in what we refer to as the golden age of Rock, from the Beatles, to the Clash. This band is playing mostly originals and has been put together for that sole purpose and the response so far has all been positive. We would be estatic to make the leap and be full time musicians but would also be as happy just to be able to play our music anywhere anytime for anyone who wants to listen.

Set List

Set lists vary from show to show we have at this time 250 originals to choose from. The sets are about 45 to 50 mins. long. and we'll do 2 to 3 a show. The covers range from the Beatles, Aerosmith, Clash, to Simple Plan.