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Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia | SELF

Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia | SELF
Band Latin A Capella


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"NVOZ "colombianized" London""

Indescriptible, different and excellent are the qualifiers that people the educating and demanding Canadian audience gave to the A Cappella group NVOZ when they finished their concert at the Aeolian Performing Arts Centre in London, stage reserved by Sunfest for the best international artists.

Although some of thee best artists from the five continents have been on this stage, it is worth saying that non of them had done it A Capella singing incredible melodies
where the imagination surpasses reality.

This is trully amazing and you have to see it to believe it. The most demanding music lover can close his eyes and will have the sensation that the main singer, Ana Maria Ulloa, has a band with percussion instruments, wind instruments, guitars and a mix of them all . It is a different show that had not been seen in this city where artists from all over the World have performed. There were big expectations in the city since it is one of the first Colombian groups that arrive to the stage of the Aeolian Hall. Others have done it in commercial presentations.
NVOZ was the first among the Colombian groups that performed in front of a selected audience that knows, like only a few may do, the culture of World Music. Tickets were sold out days ahead of the presentation. Another success for Alfredo Caxaj and the Sunfest organization. It is difficult to mention someone in special within the Group: they all are professionals and you can see the years of work they have on stage. Maybe with a little bit of more enthusiasm than technical criteria it is worth to mention the incredible voice of Ana Maria who sings like an angel.
The rating for the Group was in charge of the cold Canadian audience who by the middle of the concert was standing and dancing, clapping and cheering the band. After a two hour concert they wanted more, did not want to leave and where requesting more songs. The band had to come back to sing two more times.
Thanks NVOZ for bringing us a little bit of your country to ours.
- ColombiaenLondon.com

"NVOZ keeps Aeolian Hall dancing"

Sunfest is known for bringing a world of music to downtown London at its annual
July outdoor music fest.
This week, it brings a back-to-back world music mini-fest of sorts to Aeolian Hall.
On Thursday, Irish world beat stars Lunasa play the historic hall. Then, on Friday,
it's the turn of Bogota, Colombia's NVOZ, an a cappella group.

NVOZ is a five-member a cappella group. It performs many different styles of traditional Colombian music. Among its signature pieces in recent years has been the Bogota-based vocalists' take on Sting's Englishman in New York, reworked as Colombian in New York.
In a style they've mastered along with Finland's Rajaton and some other groups, the musicians turn their voices into instruments,giving audiences the illusion that a live band is accompanying the vocal ensemble. Formed in 2002, NVOZ points proudly to the way this technique allows fans to hear music they would "normally" be used to enjoying but with only the five voices of its members.
Instruments, tracks, samplers and sequencers are not used.
NVOZ's stylized performances include Chamber Music (2003), World Music (2004), experimental-leaning Music Fusion (2006 and 2007), Jazz on Sunday (2006), Urban Music (2006) and Colombia to the Park (2008).
The band's most familiar lineup comprises Ana Maria Ulloa, Carlos Alberto Gomez, Ricardo Nunez, John Alexander Nunez and David Leonardo Montes.

NVOZ sings in traditions ranging from Colombia's cumbia to Jamaica's reggae. - lfp press

"LatinArte felicite NVOZ"

LatinArte est allé voir le Quintette a capella des plus
populaires en Colombie, N’VOZ. Cet extraordinaire ensemble
vocal fait des prouesses utilisant effet de bruitage, effets de
«trompe-l’oreille» avec des arrangements pour quintette à
cordes vocales seulement!! Nvoz a enregistré son premier CD
"al natural” (novembre, 2008) qui comprend divers genres
musicaux tels que la Cumbia, Perillero, Scribble, Champeta,
Paseo Vallenato, et reggae entre autres. Le group était
présenté dans le cadre du festival Musique Multi-Montréal. Le
public montréalais a profité beaucoup le spectacle et les
chanteurs sont fait dansé tout le monde. LatinArte souligne le
excellent travail fait par Andres Ocampo qui a eu l’initiative
d’inviter le group colombien au Canada.
Les chanteurs sont Ana Maria Ulloa, Carlos Gomez, John A
Nunez, Ricardo Nunez et David Montes. - LatinArte

"Five Colombian Voices in Toronto"

How is it possible that five voices make you feel you are listening to a whole orchestra? Someone asks in a blog in the middle of the internet noise.
The comments comes due tot he presentation of the Colombian Group NVOZ, composed of five young artists, that sing a capella Colombian Rhythms without any instruments or samplers. And their voices are enough. More than enough.
NVOZ origins go back to 2002 in Bogota. Eight years later and with hundreds of live concerts in their curriculum, their voices have reached their best potential. They seem instruments capable of playing percussion and generating complex melodies. With these, they arrive to Canada to do a short tour that ends on April the 24th in Toronto after performing in Montreal and London. Their last show will be at
Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W., at 8 p.m.
A no miss show. - Correo Canadiense - Luciana Vasquez


NVOZ's songs appear on a number of compilation albums; among them, Música de Cámara (2003), Músicas del Mundo (2004), Músicas con tendencias experimentales y de Fusión (2006 & 2007), Jazz en Domingo (2006), Músicas Urbanas (2006) and Colombia al Parque (2008). In 2008, the Banda Vocal NVOZ released the first CD of their own, Al Natural. In September 2010, NVOZ released its second CD, Colombia NVOZ.



Direct from Bogotá, Colombia, NVOZ is an extraordinary five-member a cappella group that performs many different styles of traditional Colombian music, singing both original and traditional repertoire.

Comprised of Ana María Ulloa, Carlos Alberto Gómez, Ricardo Núñez, John Alexander Núñez and David Leonardo Montes, NVOZ uses no instruments, instrumental tracks, samplers or sequencers. In performance, the musicians turn their voices into unique harmonic, melodic and percussive instruments, giving audiences the illusion that a live band is accompanying the vocal ensemble.

Contemporary artists who have influenced its sound include Bobby McFerrin, Rockapella, The Magnets, The House Jacks, Take 6, Vocal Sampling, Neri Per Caso, M-Pact, Basix, Juan Luis Guerra, Black Eyed Peas, etc. Listen for their wonderful arrangement of the classic (originally, South African) a cappella piece, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - and for their clever take on Sting's 1987 hit "Englishman in New York" (renamed "Colombian in New York").

Since its formation in 2002, NVOZ has performed hundreds of live concerts, won numerous contests and has carefully researched various methods and vocal techniques to take the group to where it is today: a vibrant ambassador for the richness of Colombian music.