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The Movement Vol 1 -Aug "09"

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Haghi “NV” Suka was born and raised in Staten Island, NY on September 8th 1983. The Albanian name Haghi, given to him by his parents, means “one who has made the greater pilgrimage.” Because he was raised in a non wealthy, respected Albanian home, Haghi’s dream was not the norm. From the age of 5, Haghi would sing and dance around his house. He was infatuated with the influence music had on people. As he got older, Haghi pursued his craft as a singer and performer.

In Junior High School, he started a group named “NewGround.” At the time, 12 year-old Haghi served as the group’s manager. He would enter them into numerous talent shows around Staten Island. The group played a major role in Haghi’s life and career. But all of Haghi’s high hopes and dreams for the group were not enough to keep NewGround together.

Due to the lack of dedication from the other members, the group was dismantled in 2000. The brake up devastated Haghi, but did not alter his vision of breaking into the music industry.

Haghi began studying those who influenced him most such as, Jay-Z, Brian McKnight, Boys II Men, Michael Jackson, Method Man and Santana. At the age of 18, Haghi began creating his first demo. He went through ups and downs until he met up with Alfred Popaj (PB PRODUCTIONS), who was more than willing to help Haghi make his dream a reality.

After completing his demo, Haghi began meeting with record companies to discuss releasing his music to the main stream audience. However, company A&Rs felt he was not commercial enough to market main stream and wanted to change everything from Haghi’s image to his music. This was unacceptable in Haghi’s eyes. He refused to sell out.

Despite the negativity, Haghi decided to take matters into his own hands in 2004 and developed NewGround Entertainment, named after his childhood group, with his best friend Kelby Tejeda, also a former NewGround band member. Knowing the struggles ahead, Haghi began helping other artists who shared his vision in breaking the shackles of the main stream music business.

Today Haghi has built a reputation, not only as someone who has a natural ability to spot and develop talent, but also as an astute entrepreneur and music producer. Including Haghi’s leadership skills and unparalleled artists, such as Elizabeth Styles and Fuerza, there is no limit to NewGround’s success.

With infectious songs such as “You Got Me” and “Another Location,” Haghi has all the New York City club DJs talking. His long awaited album encompasses the passion he has as an artist. Haghi’s writing, production and unique vocal abilities have the power to captivate any audience.
As an artist Haghi displays the talent and determination that will lead him into a successful career. This is only the beginning of Haghi’s pilgrimage.