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Imagine being able to listen to a rapper tell his autobiography in almost poetic form. Imagine being able to relate to his feelings every time you hear a song of his. That's what you can expect from N'vyus and the music he produces to the world.


Quentin "N'vyus" Anderson is probably one of the most intimate MC's you will ever meet. Each record is almost like a story being told of how his feelings are at the moment. Never will you hear a song from N'vyus that is forced anger, or forced happiness. His albums, his music...they are all replicas of his emotions and the story of his like. His influences are artists such as Tupac, Mase, Kid Rock, Alicia Keyes, Tek N9ne, and many more. There are simply too many artists to name right now.


The Streets Calling: The Mixtape vol. 1- EP
Stages LP- Coming Jan. 2005

Set List

My songs range from 2:00 sometimes to close to 5:30 minutes...it all depends on the feeling of the song. If its a song about anger, then of course its not going to be like 4 minutes long...But if its happy or just regularly optimistic, then it will be longer because I have more to write about.