Namoowolf Downs

Namoowolf Downs

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Culturally- Acoustic pop with tinges of Latin, reggae and jazz Texturally- brooding but bouncy, as though someone had painted a smiley face onto a dark storm cloud Lyrically- deep reflections of ones surroundings.


Life is swell. Namoowolf Downs are a four piece act, hailing from Perth. The band consists of smooth vocals, delivered by the very same man who plays the soul-plucked acoustic guitar. Electric guitar that screams at times but then drops to a point where it gives it that sensitivity and tenderness. Bass which keeps the groove line strong and drums which explore interesting sounds of the drum kit. Together they take the subtleties of their music to point, that fills out the vision held by these 4 people.

The differences in musical backgrounds within the creative nucleus add to the orgy of elements within the music. For instance, a drummer that takes a large interest in the creations (musical) of Frank Zappa but respecting the boundary of acoustic pop; A singer that enjoys the full scope of Radiohead’s tones and dynamic but with a love of music in the major scale. A satisfying result has equated from this mix, songs that are well written, rhythmically interesting, lusciously melodic and simple enough for any “Wolf Citizen” to pause for a moment and enjoy.

While still seeing the early stages of its life Namoowolf Downs have played at a variety of Perth music venues and private parties (including one at a Lawn Bowls Club) and held a month long residency. In this time they have supported some of the finer Perth acts, 'Boom! Bap! Pow!' The Harlequin League etc.

However their scopes are set high in anticipation of the release of their debut Album in late 2010. This has additional instrumentation with some guest appearances from members of local Perth bands Special Brew, The Typhoons and Schvendes. Life is surely swell take a stroll sometime through Namoowolf Downs.


Keeping Safe

Written By: Andrew James Williams

I could wait over summer
I could waste away, just like before
I could train my veins, to pump a little softer
It could break just like before, history, washes ashore imagery, I don’t really need

Keeping safe is keeping alone

Faith in hearts, I’ve known to be folly
Overnight, I’ve never known before
It could take a year again to repair new damage
Hold your breath it will feel so good to breathe again, feel this death it may take some time to see again make a choice I may never be alone again

Keeping safe is keeping alone

I could wait over summer
I could waste away but I’ll climb back like before
I won’t hesitate to give that little extra
It could break it could break just like before, I’m ready for that feeling
Feel this death feel this death just like before, I’m ready for that feeling
Make a choice make a choice just like before, I’m ready for that feeling

Keeping safe is keeping alone


'Recession Sessions' to be released 2010-2011

Set List

The Typical Set List ~45mins- List of songs
Recession Blues
Love is Crueld
Pandora's Box
On Killing a Man Called Jealousy
Keeping Safe
This Time
Table 23
Ghost Town
No Pulse
Johnny Unlucky
No one