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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Gigs of the Week"

Only the lord knows where I’ve been, but somehow I’m yet to sample live one of Newcastle’s most talked up bands in recent times.

They undoubtedly have the coolest band name I’ve ever heard, but what the fuck do they sound like?

Well, according to one sweaty mongrel I accosted mid muse at The Cluny last week, they feel and sound like a “Cherry Bakewell being catapulted off your face at 23,000 miles an hour dipped and cared for lovingly by a wall of searing sludge feedback and aural drone pop.”

So there you have it. And apparently Nately’s are the loudest group in history, with a live set up which includes unnerving projections beamed across a band who appreciates bold sleazy riffery, making a lot of noise in the right places and haunting vocals.

They have already drawn comparisons to Sleep and Omega Massif and are hoping to take their recorded matter to destinations throughout the UK and festivals across the continent.

Darth Vader would listen to this band I think, as would Bjork and Radiohead if they embraced Vader’s dark sexual magic. Unleash the beast inside, let the flames break loose and check them live this Friday at the Head of Steam. -


Shit, this works. This bloody fresh offering from Nately's Whore's Kid Sister sets off as a bass-heavy, brooding alt-pop head-nodder, then detonates some seriously heavy sludge guitar tones for the chorus.

The Newcastle quintet say they like 'getting fucked up and playing loud', but it sounds like they have a fair bit of invention and variety to their sound. The most unwieldy name in rock history should be no barrier to blown minds and speakers. - Beard Rock

"Generator Tipping Point"

Not so much a side-project of Newcastle’s Grandfather Birds, but rather a musical alter-ego, Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister have left audiences at their recent live gigs pretty much gobsmacked by the sheer mind-blowing quality of their music. Although NWKS contains all the same members of jaunty indie-poppers Grandfather Birds, they couldn’t be any more different. Aptly named after a character from Catch 22 who takes on the symbolic meaning of purity being corrupted, NWKS are the schizophrenic, darker alternative to GB. Often taking to the stage dressed in an array of face-paint, tiny shorts, vests and gaffer tape with a backdrop of sinister projections behind them, NWKS create an aural-assault of epic, menacing drone-pop. Sickeningly heavy drum-beats, distorted guitar riffs and haunting vocals are interspersed with ominous samples to create an intense sound that is akin to nothing else in the North East right now. NWKS are addictively heavy: it’s the kind of dark, sludgy noise that you just want to get lost in.

So far the band have been somewhat elusive when it comes to their musical output, tormenting those who are desperate to hear more, although they’ve promised us an EP soon. The only song they’ve released online, I Will Never Feel This Love, (which won’t ever be played live or featured on the EP) is a sprawling, eerie slice of drone (imagine if Radiohead went dirge) with a threatening edge. The accompanying video is equally as grim: rather than just creating a dark sound, NWKS concentrate on the whole aesthetic. Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister are a force to be reckoned with, and dare I say it, a much more thrilling prospect than their indie counterpart. -

"Introducing NWKS"

If there’s one way for a band to endear themselves to an obsessive bookworm before said bookworm has even heard a note from them, it’s by naming themselves after a relatively minor character in some work of literature or other. And while this particular bookworm had heard Fix My Corrections, penultimate track from Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister‘s latest EP Ribs, before he registered their name, his noting the Catch-22 related moniker about halfway through the song certainly didn’t do any harm to his estimations of the band.

Fix My Corrections‘ greyedout clank and bottomfeeding rumble had already spoken for themselves, however, and the worm was hooked. So. Just who the fuck are Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister?

As it turns out, they’re Jim, John, Matt, Stuart and Michael from Newcastle Upon Tyne, five young adult males who sound like they exist on a diet of booze, blunts and raw beef. To call Ribs heavyweight would be an understatement, but at risk of sounding like pretty much every toilet band ever’s press release, there’s a second head to this chipped ol’ battleaxe. Just Below the Ribs, which opens proceedings, encapsulates neatly the appeal of Nately’s. It’s those doomy moments on Soundgarden’s Superunknown, played by Red Sparowes fans on Telecasters, stretched out over seven minutes and sung by Seraphim. It’s lovely, but it’s horrible. Something like Edmund Burke’s notion of the Sublime, if I’ve remembered my schoolin’ right.

Elsewhere, Babies and Regards, Bison forego their predecessor’s warped beauty for deadweighted and snarling disgust, whilst Man outside Cumberland Arms, Byker, 11/07/11 is nothing short of utterly terrifying. I don’t know which one of Nately’s had the stones to risk making the field recording that runs through the song like poisoned blood, but he’s a bigger man than I. - Crack In The Road

"Drowned in Newcastle"

Drone metal lunatics - Drowned in Sound


Ribs - Released through Goo Grrrl on May 14th 2012



Nately's Whore's Kid Sister are a band that set out to develop the audio and visual aesthetics of contemporary popular music. Formed in 2010, the Newcastle based five-piece comprise of members from the acclaimed Grandfather Birds and [now defunct] Flowers of Evil, with the intention of making loud, stimulating, and creative audio.

Given the individual histories of each member, and their previous involvement within the capitalist mainstream of modern music, Nately's is a natural response to the false pressures and the malaise endemic with today's music industry. Where convention no longer cuts, Nately's focus intently on invention.

The strong band character can be seen distinctly in their live performances. Building a set around impact, the band include both strong visual content (in the form of costume, presence and projections), and stimulating sonic textures, sampled from day to day life. This is all interspersed within their staple of bold riffs and haunting vocals.

For a list of influences, think Bjork or Radiohead twisted by the darker, more brooding sounds of Sleep and Omega Massif.

The band’s debut mini-album ‘Ribs’ will be released through Goo Grrrl on May 14th.

“NWKS create an aural-assault of epic, menacing drone-pop”

“It’s lovely, but it’s horrible.” Crack in the Road

“Drone-metal lunatics.” Drowned in Sound

“The most unwieldy name in rock history should be no barrier to blown minds and speakers.” - Beard Rock

“Darth Vader would listen to this band” –