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The Lincoln Music Group Presents The official Release Project For Nyah Lyan. Exclusive Artist of Abe Lincoln Signed To The Lincoln Music Group. This is a Journey Through Music 5 Years Long In The Making. the Critically Acclaimed Music Collaborative Abe Lincoln and Nyah Lyan Bring Us Some Of the Most Unique Music of a very Special Syncopated Nature. This Is The Official Release Of This Evolutionary Sound Vibration Vocalist Via Is Album Nyah Lyan Artist Ascension The Rhythm In My Soul. This Is It! The Movement has Officially began


The Lincoln Music Group Presents The Official Album Release: Nyah Lyan - Artist Ascension - The Rhythm In My Soul. This Critically Acclaimed album is the Third and Final Music Installment to The Debut Music Project By The Lincoln Music Group For Nyah Lyan - The Artist Creation Trilogy. This Music Trilogy Consist of Three Music Installments Appropriately Entitled 1. Nyah Lyan - Artist Development The Long Road Back Home. 2. Nyah Lyan - Artist Breakthrough The Lincoln Effect. 3. Nyah Lyan - Artist Ascension The Rhythm in My Soul. This Music Comes From a Cosmological origin Deep within the confines of higher metaphysical Frequencies of Existence. The Entire Music journey of This New Age Evolutionary Sound Vocalist can be Found At www.NyahLyan.com




Oriel Cornwall AKA Nyah Lyan
Lincoln Music Group Exclusive Artist – CEO and Founder of Naturally Budzin Productionz

Born on November 21, 1989
From St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands
Signed To The Lincoln Music Group
Current Projects: Sophomore album and several mix-tapes
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Future Goals: Catalyze the changes in people’s mentalities and consciousness to precipitate the Ascension Process in each Individual.
Music Inspiration: All The Greatest Artists, From Tupac and Bob Marley all the way upto The Creator Of The Universe

Deeply rooted in wisdom, Born where the Sun Makes Love to the Soil. My Music does not subscribe to a specific genre, I think my lyrical content is the most appropriate classification of my music. I strive to sing messages that can be interpreted positively by all. I spread my music in hopes of accomplishing the ultimate universal goal of us all, Peaceful Eternal Existence. I have been an Artist from ever since, and can only say that music found me by way of my DNA, i only hope to now be fruitful and multiply…