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NYCE is an artist that canada hasn't seen before coming out of Canada. He is unique in his own kind and a great performer. After meeting NYCE you are left with a smile on your face after penetrating his hard exterior. Nyce will leave you wanting more.


The definition of a Street Hustla , in other terms a D' Boy. Hailing from the streets of Cote des Neiges, "NYCE a.k.a Mista Uptown has taken what he has learned to elevate his life and others through his music. This talented, sociable, funny and well tatted young EMCEE is one of the newest Artists Real City (MTL) has brewed up. Signing with HC Ent, he has just released his first Mixtape called "D' Boy Music" which is available for free Download on


Dopest on the Scene

Written By: Earl Stiell

Dopest on the scene (Repeatedly)
She loves my voice, said it gets her -------- moist

I got Money in my pocket

I could by a Rolls Royce

Chuck tees , Pair a levis and a white T

3 scoops of the ----

no its not ice cream,

Feel like a Bad boy?

U could call me Mike Larry,

Got a lot of weight

More than u can ------- carry,

Got a lot of bounds

Like my first name Barry,

Clint Eastwood

know U see the dirty Harry (Pop pop),

No, it’s not shoots,

Bottle after bottle,

Yeah, We got the club lock,

The name is HC,

And your boy is now official,

U need a time out?

I’m a blow

the ---------- whistle

No I'm not a ref,

But your boy make calls,

--------- give me -----

b4 I take off their drawers,

I tell these ------- pause,

And get off a --------- ---------,

I'm bout making money

I love flippin bricks (NYCE),
Dopest on the scene (Repeatedly)

Feel So high

I ain’t ever coming down,

I'm Lebron on the court,

Ya’ll ------- out of bonds

think u a big dog

Well I work for the pound

Ya’ll -------- ---------,

should be wearing a gown

no gangster,

but your boy’s no punk,

Get your --- thrown away like a box full of junk,

Got five deadly fingers like a Shaolin Monk,

No elephant when I put you in the trunk

I'm just a layback --------

Trying to move packs, make stacks, ASAP ---------,

Want a Maybach, 80 racks, That’s big figures

I Don't pay tax, I save That, that’s getting richer,

Can’t no job do it quicker,

Get no sleep

so no I'm not a dreamer

Going beat the block up

Like Ike did Tina

Going to go 12 rounds

Like my name John Cena

ball so hard

Snatch your -------- out your Beamer..
Written by Earl Steill © 2011 copyright


1st single entitiled "Dopest on the Scene" Produced by Fullklip Beats
Sold over 5ooo units on itunes, #1 in Montreal for sales in Urban genre in last quarter.
Video out on MuchVibe..
Raido airplay in montreal on K103.7fm and Ckut 90.3fm

2nd Single "24/7" remix prod by Fullklip Beats
Radio Airplay on Montreal's k103.7fm
Video on the way

3rd single "Best Price" prod by Ayo Beats

Check out all videos on and on Yoututbe.. Much more videos coming...
Radio airplay
Video on the way (Airing on MuchVibe)
so far 1200 units sold