BandHip Hop

The most versatile hip hop artist there is. Can make a song about anything at any speed and for any crowd.


Born in Chicago, Ill. moved to Milwaukee, Wi at age 12. then moved to Raleigh, NC at age 18 where i currently live. I have been rapping for a very long time and living in those three states have helped me to become versatile.


We Can Play

Written By: NYCEST

what a beautiful day waking up feeling rested/ wife's in the kitchen cooking us a big breakfast/jumped in the shower stepped out feeling freshened/brush the pearlywhintes then smile at my reflction/ kids com bomb rushing me like they're restless/ hugging on daddy til i start to feel breathless/ smile on my face man i swear i got the best kids/ open up the bedroom door than we exit/ son wants to play me in a game i'm the best in/ know i got skills but it's time for me to test his/ i gotta say this kid is impressive/ five years old and he's teaching me a lesson/ caus i'm no match for his mad button pressing/ so i start ticling his neck with my left hand/ house started smelling like sausages and eggs man/ turn to my son said let's go get a plate then

we can play all day/ we can play all night/ what a perfect day/ everything is right

Breakfast was delish i must say/ so kissed the cook as a way of saying thanks/ sat down together to plan out the day/ she said we can go toi the park and let them play/ cool she grabbed my older son i got the little one / got the washed up and ready to have a lot of fun/ locked the door hit the car alarm strrapped in turn the key bon voyage/ we got to the park i let the oldest run off cause some kids were playing tag and he wants to get involved/ the youngest stayed behind with me and his mom there's not a cloud in the sky and the wind is calm/ and the grass is soft and the weather is nice i wish i could preserve thi day for all my lif/ then i gathered up my famjily it's time to leave my son asked can we go to chucke cheese and i said

we can play all day/ we can play all night/ what a perfect day/ everything is right

up i double c winning tickets with ease i talking a few gs finished off 2 pizzas/ the we re up got more tockens not to crowded so the kids are wide open/ play video games watch a show up on the stage get lost and foud that's the typical day at that place/ lok at here it's gettin late told my son it's time to go shockingly he said okay/ heading home i hear the boys in the back laughing passed toy stores withou nobody asking/ got to the haouse and caught a family flick my wife leaned over the couch and gave me a kiss/ she dropped the l bomb i gave it back with too my kids were knocked out before the movie was through/ then she grabbed me by the hand and said let's go up satairs put the kids in their night clothes send then to bed then

we can play all day/ we can play all night/ what a perfect day/ everything is right


I have a song called "IlWiNc" that is has played on the radio. I also have a song called "We Can Play" that i performed at the Mid Eastern Athletic Conference college basketball tournament halftime show.