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According to so-called hip-hop “purists” Nyke might have a few strikes against him. He’s from the South. He's from Texas where alot of artist are not said to be lyrical. And he’s only 22. But the bottom line is that whether you care to admit it or not, Nyke can flat out rap. Unlike a lot of rappers, Nyke doesn’t rely solely on catchy hooks or dances to get his point across. Even in his Latest single to date “Bend that Pole”, Nyke shows his lyrical prowess.

Nyke's Debut Album "The Main Event" scheduled to hit iTunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster, and more Nov. 5th 2008!! This EP promises to showcase Nyke's lyrical content, versitilaty, and trendsetting ability. The first single is "Intoxicated" which is avaliable for downloads now through Snocap and ringtone downloads through Myxer and Pocketfuzz.com/nyke

Nyke: The industry needs me, i feel that the industry is lacking role models and people willing to be different. I am a mixture of old school and new school all in one. I got a old man's mentality and and a young man's heart and soul. What i hope to accomplish is to bring good music to the industry that is trendsetting and undeniable.



Born in Waco, Tx "Nyke" is said to be voice of the new generation. With a mixture of his down south slang, underground lyrical content, and versitale flow Nyke grasp all aspects of a superstar rapper. Norris Powell better known as Nyke; was raised up as a christian and played an important role in the church choir. He has always been surrounded by music and inspiration. Growing up in the projects in his home city Nyke reached out to other hobbies to escape from the downfalls of living in a poor enviornment. Even still Nyke was introduced into the drug game but shortly found a better outlet in rap music. Nyke's music reflects the music that inspired him throughout his childhood.

Prominent industry contacts that has impacted Nyke's career

Rob Ulsh: Nyke is great along with his production staff. They are ready to make some real noise in this industry. It was a honor to be apart of his Ep and helping him develop a great record.

Dan Betencourt: Nyke has a unique approach to music. I was a major part of his project and I give my stamp of approval on this record. It was a joy to mix.

Nyke has played at these cities, clubs, and venues

Fish & Chips Club / Washington D.C / 2006
Local Clubs / Virginia Peninsula / 2006
Willet Hall Arena / Portsmouth VA / 2007/ Soulja Boy Concert
Atlanta GA / Local Clubs / 2006
North Carolina / Local Clubs / 2008
Club Mystique / Young Buck / VA Beach/ 2008
Skater Bash / VA Beach / 2008