Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
BandHip Hop

Nyke's music is heard and felt by all generations. Together with his extreme energy, heartfelt lyrics, and raw emotion you are sure to enjoy Nyke's music just as much as the artist himself enjoys creating it.


Influenced by Tupac and few other genuine artists, Nyke who is a mare 24 years of age, has his own original unique style far from any heard before. In fact, he is so versatile that it’s hard to believe that he is a down south rapper from Texas; Waco, Texas to be exact. Nyke strives to be the next household named artist. His music is heard, loved, and enjoyed by many even though he keeps low in the public eye. Whether he's spitting to get the crowd going or reaching his fans with personal experiences Nyke is truly one to be among the elite lists of hip hop superstars in the near future. Hate it or love it, he is a truly talented young man with much respect for the love of good music. Teamed with a talented record producer “Mike Izzo” who produces a wide range of music genres; Nyke sounds unique and feels as if he is truly unstoppable.

50 Cent I Get Money Tour- Hampton VA-2008

Soulja Boy -Willet Hall Arena Portsmouth VA- 2007

Night Clubs in the Washington DC and Virginia area through 2006-2008


Ep "Realer than Real" released in 2009.

Set List

15 to 30 minute sets. Consist of old and new material.