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Enter Tha Millennium
La Famiglia
Bottom of Tha River
Bouncin' Back: Tha Mixtape



My name is Brett "Nykle" Avery, and music is my life. I always had a natural feel for music. My father is a bassist; he’s been playing for over 30 years, that’s who I first learned about music from. He was always trying to get me to play drums or guitar, we both knew music was in my blood we just had to find it. I did learn some stuff on the guitar but I knew it wasn’t what I was built for. In 1994 I wrote my first hip hop verse and there began my life in the world of music. Writing lyrics became an everyday activity for me, until 1999. I took Computer Technology courses the last three years of high school, and in 1999, my last year, my teacher built a studio and told me to make a cd, that was my task for the whole semester. Here I learned how to operate the studio program "Cakewalk". I produced my first album ever called Stytch: Enter Tha Millennium. Back then Stytch was my nickname. I continued writing music under the name Stytch until 2003, when I began working with another artist/producer. Together we formed the group Nykle "n" Dyme. Within 3 weeks we were performing in shows and had a 5 track cd out called "La Famiglia". From then until early 2007 we put out two other cds Nykle "n" Dyme: 420, and Nykle "n" Dyme: Bottom of Tha River. We did so many local shows I can’t even count, our reputation sky rocketed in the city, and we were literally recording most of the hip hop artists in the city. But in early 2007, Nykle "n" Dyme fell apart. Keeping our names we went our separate ways, by winter of 2008, I came back with my own independent label "Ice Cold Entertainment Group" A.K.A. "ICEg" Since the founding of this business, I single handedly produced a mix tape featuring many different artists (including me) called Bouncin' Back: Tha Mixtape. My latest project is almost finished, this is my solo album titled Nykle: Breakin Tha Leash, due to be released early 2009.