Nyle vs the Naysayers
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Nyle vs the Naysayers

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"20 Best videos of 2009 (#4 Let the Beat Build)"

For his school project, NYU senior Nyle Emerson rewrote the lyrics to a Lil Wayne song, got his talented ladyfriends to harmonize and convinced the rest of his class to play their instruments. They recorded this live in one take. Take that, Feist. - SPIN Magazine

"NYC Rappers on the Rise"

Nyle made headlines a couple years back when Kanye put his “Let the beat build” video up on his blog. Since then, the kid has been everywhere from the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest to MTV. His crowd is mostly 20-somethings thanks to his gratuitous nods to NYU (his alma mater), but his talent and energy are undeniable. Old school flavors and an amazing live band quickly morph his shows into sweaty dance pits. Nyle says: “I’m handling rappers like a lifestyles factory. Used to be Screech now I’m feeling like Zachary Banks like Carlton and Ashley’s. Nah, actually I’m Jazzy banging Hillary or Shaggy shagging Daphne. I’m the underdog that finally gets the girl: Cory from boy meets world, or Doug doing Patti. I’m nasty; 5 percenters call me blasphemy. I cause more catastrophe than a natural disaster scene.” - BrokeMC
- Deli Magazine

"One Shot Deal: A History of One-Take Rap Videos"

A couple of days ago, J. Cole set the Internet (and his video set) on fire when he dropped the video for his banger "Who Dat." Shot by the up-and-coming directing team BBGun, the video was noted for being filmed in a single continuous take. Since the ’90s, there have been a number of memorable one-take videos, and recently it's become somewhat of a trend. Not that we have a problem with that—there's just something can't-miss about someone walking around rapping into a camera. That's why we put together our favorite one-take rap videos. So click on and take five...because you ain't gonna get a second take.

Nyle "Let the Beat Build" (2009)
Complex says: You thought J. Cole was smart because he got a scholarship to St. Johns? Well, your boy Nyle got a scholarship to NYU! Sure, the rapping on this is kinda corny, but c'mon—how does a nobody college kid shoot something that's way more creative and looks way better than most rap videos? Hey, everyone: you lost.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
- Complex Magazine

"Video Post"

Video Post - Diddy's Blog

"Video Post"

Video Post - Nah Right

"NYU Students We Actually Like"

Two reasons to enjoy Nyle's video "Let the Beat Build": 1) It was shot all in one take with live music, and 2) refreshingly optimistic lyrics about creative ambition in the New Depression.

Nyle, who's graduating from NYU this spring, told NYU Local that he made the video cover of Lil' Wayne with a $2,000 grant from the school and it took 30 takes to get right. His plans for after graduation: continue to pay rent by throwing parties in his Bushwick party loft and try to make it as a rapper. Or, from the song: "I ain't stressin' this recession if it leads to a depression / It won't be in my mind, I'll be all right / As long as I'm surviving off of beats and rhyming / Then I don't mind surviving off of eating no ramen." Ah, youth.

Send an email to Gabriel Snyder, the author of this post, at gabriel@gawker.com. - Gawker

"Let The Beat Build [Video] – Finalist in Vimeo Awards"

Today, I’m trying to catch up on some things. I’m behind on a few articles, we have a release party we’re sponsoring that I need to do a post on, I’m still trying to find a way to juggle some funds to make it down to A3C Hip Hop Festival, my dog needs to go out, emails to sort through, more coffee to make… The list goes on.

Despite all of that, I had to stop for a minute and deliver to you all a very cool piece of musical/visual art. Quick backstory, as usual…

Birthplace Magazine has an account with video sharing site Vimeo (www.vimeo.com/BirthplaceMag), where we put up the videos of performances we cover. Because of that account, I got an email invite regarding the upcoming Vimeo Festival in New York next week (Oct. 8th and 9th). Since I probably won’t personally be down in Atlanta for A3C (though we might have coverage anyway, stay tuned!), I thought I’d look into what’s going on with the Vimeo Awards, and see if there is anything NYC/hip hop that we would be interested in.

There is! Nyle is an artist from NYC. He seems to be well known and accomplished, yet I personally hadn’t come across his work yet. His Chadd Harbold-directed video for “Let The Beat Build” is one of the finalists in the “Music Video” category at the Vimeo Festival. The video essentially immediately stopped me from the 3458309230598 things I am doing, and I have no choice to share it with you, because that’s what I’m here for.

Well done and good luck. (Click this link http://tiny.cc/vote4nyle if you like what you see.) - Birthplace Mag

"Senior Moment: Nyle’s remake of a Lil Wayne track received over 500,000 hits after he posted it online last month. Then he graduated from NYU."


"Nyle’s remake of a Lil Wayne track received over 500,000 hits after he posted it online last month. Then he graduated from NYU."

My name is Nyle Emerson, but I like one word—Nyle—like Cher or Prince or Barbra. I’ve put an album out for each year of college I went through. In September, I started thinking about covering this Lil Wayne song, “Let the Beat Build,” and recording it live with a Steadicam zooming all around the studio. So I applied for a $2,000 NYU grant, and got 30 people to collaborate.

Lil Wayne’s version is similar to mine in that it’s a show of lyrical skill. But mine is also a critique of people who say that hip-hop is dead and that the music industry is dying. It took us ten hours and 30 takes to get it right, but within three hours of posting it we were on 800 blogs.

I live with nine musicians and artists in a loft performance space in Bushwick called Lake Johnson. I’m going to continue to throw parties there this summer, and at Bowery Poetry Club, where I have a residency. I want to keep writing about learning my place in the world, and use music as my diary. I don’t know, can guys have diaries? - New York Magazine


Nyle Vs. The Naysayers (coming in 2011)



Nyle vs. the Naysayers are a true Hip-Hop band that made their mark with their viral video, Let the Beat Build, which has had over 1 million views (http://vimeo.com/4189528). ; The video garnered tremendous buzz, and was a featured piece on websites ranging from Gawker to Nah Right to Diddy's Blog to Kanye West's blog, KanyeUniversecity. Following the release of the video Nyle was interviewed on M...TVs 'It's On With Alexa Chung and did a live performance of 'GangReal.' Let the Beat Build was also featured as #4 on Spin Magazine's top 25 videos of 2009, beating out Lady Gaga. Nyle vs. the Naysayers have been able to translate this growing buzz into performance success. They headlined a sold-out concert featuring Hip Hop staples Asher Roth, Kidz In the Hall, 88 Keys, and Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg. The band has also shared the stage with legendary acts such as Dead Prez, Black Thought from the Roots and Pharoah Monche at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. They also recently had their widely popular Let the Beat Build Video nominated for a Vimeo Music award. Nyle vs. the Naysayers took the thousand person after party by storm and gave the crowd a taste of what is to come on their self titled album, coming out in early 2011. On the heels of a successful single release show for CMJ 2010, the band is happy to announce that the band will also be working with Creative Control. Look for brand new episodes where you can get to know the band, learn more about their creative process for the new album and and get an inside look into their live shows. http://www.creativecontrol.tv/www/#/shows/nyle-vs-the-naysayers