Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Electronic pop rock duo Nymphonic play catchy songs with a touch of humour that poke fun at themes like love and loss, revolution, summer days and riding bikes. This odd duo puts on a solid live show that pleases the ears and the eyes.


A series of strange events brought together this unlikely duo. Songs are written a variety of styles, often electronic rock, occasionally pop, sometimes alternative rock, with a touch of jazz. Both members have decades of formal music training and decided to create Nymphonic to explore what two people can do to write and perform catchy and fun songs.

Influences are: Owl City, Love and Rockets, Massive Attack, Lights, Nine Inch Nails



Written By: A. Wong,J. Armstrong, J. Armstrong

Span the street
Find a line
Light your flame and throw it

Stand aside and watch the city burn
Fire in the sky will make your world
A newer day
When the dawn arrives
You’ll see it’s all the same


Nymphonic EP, 2011