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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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I Am
My Town
Lose Your Mind
To My Haters



NYMROD - a mighty one on the earth, a mighty hunter before the Lord

Corry NYMROD Stokes was born on November 5, 1984 at Woodhull hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Raised in the Cooper & Marcus projects, Corry lived with his mother, three brothers and sister. Growing up in Cooper projects and being raised by his mother, Corry looked to his eldest brother AZ as his role model. At the age of five, Corry had an interest in music. He recorded a song for AZ to show him he had talent. Not having the appropriate recording materials Corry and AZ used a cassette tape and placed toilet tissue inside to record his song. However, basketball was Corry’s first love. AZ taught him how to play and develop his skills on the court. Corry played in various little league basketball tournaments in Marcy Park and the Cooper Projects. While studying Godbody, AZ recognized Corry's hunting spirit and at the age of seven he gave Corry the nickname NYMROD.
As a middle school student, Corry was into his studies and what many would deem just an average kid. However at the age of thirteen, Corry’s life changed forever. One morning on his way to school, Corry found himself looking death in the eye. He had become a victim of jealousy and envy. As a result, Corry’s face was slashed and he was shot twice in the back. He spent nearly a year in the hospital recuperating. Once released, Corry was never the same innocent kid he had once been. Life was now about survival of the fittest and he refused to be on the opposite end of a barrel again. His street mentality and instincts had taken over him as his street credibility began to be recognized and respected.
Although rap was somewhat of a hobby for Corry, in high school basketball was still his first love. Now attending public school at South Shore, Corry flourished as a point guard and shooting guard. By his junior year in high school, Corry had colleges and universities like Georgetown, St. John’s and UNLV looking to recruit him but Corry still had demons in the streets he was fighting. Corry was charged with two counts of murder, but found not guilty on all charges. Yet, Corry would not be free long as he was charged with armed robbery and possession of an illegal weapon and received a 4-8 year sentence. Although ironic, it was during his time of incarceration that NYMROD the rapper was created and his hobby of rapping was taken to the next level.
In jail, NYMROD met fellow rapper Max B who was doing an eight year sentence. Max B taught NYMROD how to write music and strategically put bars together. After being released from serving a five and a half year sentence, NYMROD put all of his focus into his music. He joined a group named Hot-2-Def but that venture only lasted a year. Once Max B was released from prison, NYMROD joined forces with him and fellow rappers Jim Jones and Cameron. As a result, NYMROD was featured in Jim Jones’ Ballin’ video and he and Max B were beginning to work on a collaborative CD entitled 8 & the 3rd. Things seemed as if they would lead to a major record deal. However after a dispute between Max B and Jim Jones, Max B left and because of his loyalty NYMROD followed suit. Both men began to focus on their solo careers and never had the opportunity to record their collaborative record.
As an independent artist, NYMROD has worked with various underground artists and organizations to bring his music to the world. In 2010, he was a member of the Unsigned Artists Explosion Tour. He has produced a multitude of songs and videos currently featured on YouTube. Many compare his sound to Jay-Z. Although the voice is uncanny, NYMROD is in no way trying to be the next Jay. His respect in artists such as Biggie, Jay Z, Max B, Red Cafe, Dr. Dre, Stack Bundles and Fabulous has added to his diversity of style. As an artist, NYMROD is God’s Gift and the Worlds Future to music. He is one of the hottest unsigned artists in the game. He is determined to make sure that the world understands his story through his music. With or without the backing of a major record label, NYMROD is destined to release his first album- I AM.