Nynja Doom

Nynja Doom

 Glasgow, Kentucky, USA
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Nynja Doom was origiinally an idea I had come up with for a comic book. When I started thinking about doing music I couldn't come up with a name and the comic styling of the music just kind of fit it. I've released my first cd and in two years I've been played in 48 states and in 17 countries.


I grew up in some of the shittiest gutter trash neighborhoods of Louisville, KY as a minority. With a drug dealer for a father and more bullshit than old McDonald's farm, I somehow managed to make it out of there alive. I was raised in a poor family and put up with abusive parents and ghetto ass schools where I was always the odd one out. Everyday for me was a struggle to keep going, even with all the bullshit I made it through. Writing poetry and fucking with music is the only thing that kept me going. Music was all I ever needed to keep me relaxed and happy. I don't believe that music kills people, and I don't kill people. Stupid people kill people.
I was 11 years old when I discovered the wicked shit and I was thirteen when I started freestyling, and that started it all. I listen to so many different kinds of music and I take what I feel is the best from each style to create my own unique sound. My own life experiences have broken me down, put me on the edge, brought me back, inspired me, and made me what I am today. I wrote and recorded my first song, Bleed, last May. The rest has pretty much been history.
Now after 24 fucked up years of being quasi-alive, I found a way to release all the pent up frustration and rage as well as my creativity. When I started out actually writing songs in May of 2009 I wasnt really sure what I wanted to do. I started out writing things with a darker tone. Even though I kinda enjoyed it, it wasn't really for me. Almost a year later I've developed my own unique flavor. Now here I am: I have past every test that has come my way, and leaped over every goddamn hurdle so far.
I got into this race to win. I'm not here to be an asshole; I'm here to make homies and awesome fucking music! I'm always looking for new shit to bump and new artists to hook up with. I'm all about working with family and getting shit done. If you have any specific questions hit me up!


Nynjanuity 2010 self distributed

Brilliance & Insanity 2011 Self Distributed
available at www.reverbnation.com/nynjadoom