Nyssa Bradsworth

Nyssa Bradsworth


Admirable Musically, Lyrically and Vocally, Singer/Songwriter Nyssa Bradsworth performs with style and prowess, captivating audiences wherever she goes.


Singer/Songwriter Nyssa Bradsworth began performing at the age of 12 as a solo artist in the country town of Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria. With the release of her newest Ep 'Hurricane', she has now been writing and performing for over 10 years, and has her sights set high!

Drawing from artists such as John Mayer, Sarah Blasko, Neil Finn and Missy Higgins, and winning many songwriting and performing awards over the years, having performed at Festival Hall, The Vic Arts Centre, Northcote Social Club, Ruby's Lounge, The Espy, Dont Tell Tom, Manchester Lane, The Evelyn and, recently headlining The Northcote Social Club, Nyssa has the passion and determination to do great things.

"Music has always been in my blood. When I was still in nappies, I was listening to Sting, The Beatles, Dire Straits, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. As I have grown, my passion has grown."
"This new record is a journey. I wanted the listener to relate to the music, and ride with me. Each person will have their own take on the music, and it will mean something completly different to the next person. I love that about music."

Nyssa has supported some great musicians over her career so far, such as Eric Bogle, Rod Quantock, Sally Dastey, The Dilli All-Stars, former Superjesus front woman Sarah McLeod, Mahalia Barnes, Kutcha Edwards, Jess McAvoy, Simon Philips and Nicholas Roy and has won numerous Kool Skools awards for Best Female Vocalist and Best Acoustic Song (1999 and 2000).

In 2003, Nyssa relocated to Melbourne, where she completed a Diploma of Music at Box Hill College of Music, and it was there that she met the core of her band, Natalie Bartsch, Dave Evans and Andrew Rousch, who, 4 years later, she is still creating with. In 2006, Nyssa met guitarist Nick Brown, and new her band was at full capacity.

Since mid 2006, Nyssa and her band have been flat out, gaining a strong backing. Winning the Revolver Summer Sessions Battle of the Bands in May '07, and with the launch of the new record a sell-out night, Nyssa's debut Ep 'Hurricane' is out Now.


Geisha - "This Is...." EP - 2005 (Independent Release)

Nyssa Bradsworth - "Hurrricane" EP - 2007 (Red Room Records)