N.Y.T. (Nova, Y1, Twon)

N.Y.T. (Nova, Y1, Twon)

BandHip Hop

Our group which is named N.Y.T.; which stands for Nova, Y1 and Twon, is very diverse. We come with a style that is far different than other hip hop groups. We are very inspired by the hip hop culture and work very hard to getwhere we want to be.


N.Y.T. is a group of friends that met each other about 10 years ago. Their names are Nick, Gerald, and Antoine. They all shared the same passion; rapping. They have many styles, which makes them unique. They can go hard or make songs for everyone to enjoy. The main thing that influences them are the diverse artists in Baltimore, one being Bossman. Their energy and stage presents are unmatched. So be on the look out for N.Y.T.


We currently do not have any tracks that have been released mainstream yet.

Set List

Our sets are usually between 10 and 15 minutes. We really don't have a list of set songs we do. It's usually what we have done that we know the crowd would react to and enjoy.