My name is Doug and I have just earned a college diploma in Sound and Music Recording from RAC Digital Arts College. I play drums in an exciting metal band called Opposite to Origin(o2o).


Whats going on fellow metal heads?
I have always taken my lyrical point of view very seriously. I have always been attracted to the power of words and how to strongly present them. I like to write about experiences that surround me and that have affected me directly or indirectly, weather its a positive outcome or negative one. To me, writing has always been an escape, an outlet to pour my frustrations. I write to evolve. I write as a release and hopefully my words will touch you in many different ways, some will relate where as others will not. These words are from my heart; my hope, my fears, my love and my hate.

Phillip M. Ross


Untitled debut cd available in March 2007.