Melodic yet heavy, within a very unique sound, guitar driven mixed with orchastrated keys, powerful vocals, deep poetic lyrics with a deep and positive message.


O.A.T.H. is the outcome of six different lives puting their passions together to form one unique sound. Each member has different personal influences, which makes the band's sound so diverse from one song to the next. With their unusual writing style and captivating stage performances they thrive to set themselves apart in the music realm.The music is a mixture of heart pounding rhythms and riffs back and forth with beautiful melodic undertones running throughout. The passionate vocals bring deep poetic lyrics that are formed around each song. O.A.T.H. hints and touches on many different musical classes such as: metal, industrial, progressive, electronica, and alternative, but do not limit themselves to one genre.The words reflect a strong positive message that the band wants to be heard. Songs that touch on modern day subjects such as depression, suicide, personal convictions, and death. The songs bring life lessons on how to overcome these subjects and more. The debut album"Dying to Live" is a collection of 13 different stories. The song, "Dying to Live", it's self is about dying to your old self to start over the new life that you want to be, and live again. No matter what you are going through O.A.T.H. hopes to have that one song for you.


Dying to Live- Full Length Album (13 Songs)
With the tracks:
"A Rose for a Tragedy", and "Spirit"
Both recieving airplay

Set List

Normally 45 min. - 1Hr
- A Rose for a Tragedy
- The Fear
- Of Flesh and Blood
- Face of a Ghost
- Vice Versa
- Silence Before the Storm
- To the Fallen Victim
- Captured Surrendering
- Spirit
- Black Walls
- Become