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"Re-energized Obadiah rocks to register voters"

Obadiah has had a considerable makeover since its humble beginings. They have more direction when it comes to writing and performing, but still no direction whatsoever when it comes to classification. The band prides itself on having varied styles from song to song. Obadiah has also often been noted for its elaborate setup of props and ambience. - Knoxville News Sentinel

"El Deth Lives"

"El Deth is not limited to one style of music. Nothing expresses this better than OBADIAH, a band fronted by all four founding members of the label. Its eclectic sound is a complex medley of Euro-rock and space-grunge with radical tempo changes that evoke the feeling of watching a circus being sucked into a black hole to the tune of a lullaby. From reggae to punk to folk to electronica and back again, OBADIAH presents itself as a collective, the essence of El Deth." - Metro Pulse


Obadiah released one single, Ol Country Gaffer, on the compilation album Sunspheric Sounds Dec 2004. Obadiah released their demo in Feb '05. We have streaming audio and live recordings at www.eldeth.com.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Obadiah is a five piece band from Knoxville Tennessee that formed in 2001. Their music is a constantly evolving sound, that has been compared to Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, King Crimson, Flaming Lips, Melvins. If a label had to be tagged upon the namesake, progressive/psychadellic rock would be the most encompassing description.