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Brad Oberhofer just might be the next big name in indie music. The only problem is you can’t find him anywhere. Nobody is talking about him. A Google search of his full name brings up some interesting results, one of which was an article written by the Weekly Volcano last month, other than that there’s really nothing. A Google search of simply “Oberhofer” is even more random and depressing. But upon listening to his music you’ll have the same urge I immediately had to spread the word as quickly as possible. What’s most impressive is that Oberhofer records as a solo artist. His vocals are reminiscent of Avey Tare with just a hint of Britt Daniel, perfectly complemented by his simple yet affective blend of folk, pop, and electronic music. I’ll get out of the way and let the music speak for itself. - Newdust.com

"The one that got away"

"Listening to his music, it was the first time in a long time that I was really surprised by a local band. "

"Though he only records by himself, all his songs have a huge sound befitting that of a full band."

"It’s the kind of bombastic indie music that somehow always strikes a chord with me. "

"Playing live, Oberhofer pulls together whatever musicians he can, depending on what side of the country he’s on."

"But no matter how full the band, the sound is much the same. It’s all about conveying a giant sound, jamming it into your ear canal and into your brain and from there it shivers down your spinal column. The feeling may be likened to that of an electric shock, but without the messy death part." - The Weekly Volcano

"Better Propaganda Featured Artist"

http://betterpropaganda.com/content.aspx?id=1241 - Better Propaganda Reviews

"The Interestingly Eccentric Indie Rock of Brooklyn's One Man Band Brad Oberhofer"

"Oberhofer crafts a big sound all on his own, blending various instruments and electronic samples to pump out energy charged, erratically arranged, and somewhat danceable rhythms and melodies that feed off of experimental and traditional influences, making his music both accessible, and unclassifiable, at the same time."

"all at once, mysterious, engaging and strange." - Indie Rock Cafe

"Oberhofer Who?"

"His outstanding knowledge of music is evident in all his songs, mixing an effective blend of folk, pop, and electronic."

"Definitely someone to watch in the future." - Scenewave.com

"8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear"

“Despite the kaleidoscopic whirl, there’s an emphasis on straightforward lyrics; it’s almost as if he’s a 19-year-old kid who started writing music as a competitive freestyle rapper in the fifth grade, recently moved to New York after his family home in Tacoma burned down, and has songs bursting to get out of him.” - L Magazine


Oberhofer make engaging indie rock à la Surfer Blood; they are spastic—with yelping screams and screeches reminiscent of bird calls (or Ezra Koenig), accompanied by loud, clashing drums and guitars, and softer instruments like toy piano and glockenspiel. - Beyond Race Magazine

"Oberhofer show preview"

…Oberhofer definitely have something. While there is plenty of every home recording enthusiast’s best friends, reverb and distortion, Oberhofer is not Wavves-style scuzz - Brooklyn Vegan

"Away Frm U - Forkcast"

Brad Oberhofer, frontman of the indie-rock outfit Oberhofer, is just 19 years old, and on "Awy Frm U", he exhibits a pretty good understanding of the duality of rejection. He seems to understand how it both hurts and provides a fresh start. "You're pushing me away from you/ And there's nothing I can do", he wails, but instead of a second chance, he's just looking for a chance to get it right. "I know what I'll do/ I'm gonna fix/ So I can get out of this mess", he promises, right after turning the tables on whoever's been telling him to fuck off: "I can't fight all of your battles for you". There's nervousness in his voice-- bolstered by ramshackle guitars and a sugar-rushed drum beat that build to an inescapably joyous climax-- but instead of conveying dread, Oberhofer sounds like he's expressing the kind of happy, life-affirming jitters you get when waiting on line for a roller coaster, or when you win concert tickets on the radio. Ah, youth. - Pitchfork



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Brad Oberhofer is a name NYC will be hearing more of.
Hailing from the Northwest, he brings Indie rock music sensibility (i.e. freak folk, noise pop, dance-punk) along with him, but cannot easily be compared to any other current acts. At first examination of the huge, rhapsodic sound of his work, one would never guess he records as a solo artist. Being a drummer and vocalist first and foremost, the depth of his talent extends from traditional to non-traditional instrumentation and production.

At a young age he surprised the local music scene with performances ranging from skeletal deconstructions of his work to more lush, fully orchestrated affairs. He now lives in Brooklyn and is actively recording, and finding new ways to push the boundaries of his sound even further.

One can only expect good things to come. Oberhofer’s sound is bombastic, fun, and hymn-ish. Peppered with subtle electronics, up-beat danceable rhythms, it’s fun, accessible, symphonic, familiar yet satisfyingly unclassifiable.