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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2014
DJ EDM Downtempo


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Back in September this year, Canadian singer Celine Dion made her musical comeback with her newest single, titled “Loved Me Back To Life“. Fellow Canadian native, Meshach Gordon is clearly a fan of Celine’s, deciding to flip the record with his electro-fused remix of “Loved Me Back To Life”. The 22-year old producer from Toronto clearly has some board skills, with a showcase of EDM, Chillout & HipHop noises floating around nicely on this one.

I’m waiting for the next remix from Meshach already, but for the meantime enjoy the music below! - Tinman London

"I Fall Away (Feat. Felica Farerre) – Meshach Gordon"

Meshach Gordon is a new name for me. Pictured above in the studio, Meshach’s track was sent to me by a good friend and I felt compelled to share it because it’s such a progressive track, and no I don’t mean “progressive” in the way that most people use it these days when they’re actually describing Electro House. Anyways, truly is a progressive, forward thinking track and a hybrid of Deep House (slowed down even further) with a splash of Trap influences thrown in. Fair warning, it’s even slower than you’re expecting, but that’s ok, sometimes on Friday’s we need some calm before the storm. - OnlyTheBeat.com

"Meshach Gordon Feat. Felicia Farerre – “I Fall Away”"

With some chilling vocals from Felicia Farerre, the backdrop Meshach Gordon provides is a spacey and somewhat uplifting one, which results in a eerie and slightly euphoric collaboration, which has us anticipating more from Meshach. - ThisThatNew.com


Meshach Gordon and Koda have teamed up to create this sublime masterpiece called ‘Found Your Fire.’ Slow, tribal beats with echoing and chopped vocals grace the intro of this track. Meshach then slowly and very minimally pushes the track forward by adding futuristic breakdowns and sparkling sounds. The end result is an ecstatic and electric composition that is going to blow both your mind and body away. - GettingDeeper.com

"(Meshach Gordon Edit) Justin Bieber – Change Me"

This is Justin Bieber re-imagined, presented by Meshach Gordon. Fantastic. - VisualVibez.com

"Meshach Gordon - "Found Your Fire" (Feat. Koda)"

At 12 A.M. on a Thursday night, this song just makes sense. Meshach Gordon takes listeners on a sonic journey with slow turns at every corner. Scattered percussion, ambient noise, and captivating sound effects create a song, which brings you into a universe called “Found Your Fire.” If you’re into Chad Valley or Holy Other, then you would be into this fascinating experimental electronic track by Meshach. Don’t think too much when listening to this song. Just take in the atmosphere and enjoy the cinematic, uplifting experience. - EARMILK.com

"I Fall Away by Meshach Gordon ft. Felicia Farerre"

Chillout and kick back to "I Fall Away" the latest creation from Meshach Gordon, the Toronto based producer who also featured the vocals of Felicia Farerre! Her beautiful voice adds the perfect atmospheric backdrop to the minimalistic chill wave style that Meshach has chosen. Balanced out by the classic Trap machine gun hi hats, this is the perfect choice if your trying to get real sexy up in here! - TrapMusic.net

"Drowning by Meshach Gordon"

Simply put, this collaborative work between Meshach Gordon and SeveNVeeTwo is damn amazing. Meshach takes trap and 'drowns' it with a minimalistic ambient style that will have you vibing out to a maximum. I don’t think the actual act of drowning is this serene, but I certainly won’t be the one to test out that fact. Subtle use of vocals is tasteful and adds a sort of ominous atmosphere to the tune. For anybody looking to space out and absorb themselves with music, this is a must have! - TrapMusic.net

"Voice In The Wind by Meshach Gordon"

In “Voice In The Wind,” Toronto-based Meshach Gordon brings us a unique combination of trap elements and peaceful, meditative vibes. The track begins with crackly, eery sound effects, reminiscent of gentle rain. Water droplets reverberate through the space as heavily delayed vocal emerges and light bass pulses below. The vocal ducks as the space flows in and out, full of mood and emotion. - TrapMusic.net

"Trap Tuesdays 19"

Meshach Gordon has quickly become one of my favorite producers for the chiller style of trap. The vocals in his tracks always mesh so well with his beats. - LessThan3.com

"Trap Tuesdays 13"

Continuing with some more chilled-out beats, I'm quite enchanted by this next one called Substance. I've featured Meshach Gordon in Trap Tuesdays before, and he's definitely continuing to impress with this latest gem featuring Pymid. - LessThan3.com

"Trap Tuesdays 09"

Trap has a soft side, too. Case in point: A Long Way Down by Meshach Gordon, a track with chilled beats and relaxing vibes. - LessThan3.com

"Meshach Gordon - A Long Way Down"

Meshach Gordon is a 21 year old from Toronto,Canada who has been putting out amazing tracks for a little over a year now. " A Long Way Down" is just an example that trap music doesn't have to go hard to be amazing this song has a very chill vibe to it and really exemplifies how much every genre of music has no limit to what it can become. Enjoy the track and free download. - WayUpHere.com


Still working on that hot first release.



OBESON was a shy musician. He lived alone in a sleepy Toronto neighborhood, and spent most of his days in his basement, sitting in front of his computer screen making beats. He was good at it, but he didnt know what style fit him best. He tried house and trap bangers, but they didnt fit his quiet, introverted personality. He tried jungle and jukework, but again, he was the type of guy who hung out alone. He was not a dancer. He needed something that fit his mood, his essence, his soul. 

OBESON continued to make beats for years by himself. Hed go to his basement cave, turn all the lights off, and experiment, but nothing seemed to stick. One fateful night, though, he met someone who forever warped his musical gears and levers.

It was late Autumn, the leaves were beginning to decompose, and OBESON sat in front of his computer in the dead of night with the cornea-burning screen staring blankly at him. He was stuck and didn't know what to do, how to get to that next step, how to find that sound that was his own.

Frustrated, he got into his car and went for an aimless cruise along the empty highway under the heavy Toronto night sky.

His mind wandered, imagining atmospheres and sounds as the Canadian mountains watched him from the horizon. The cars pace was steady, and OBESON just drifted along, as weightless as his thoughts.

After an hour, he thought he saw someone further down the highway sitting cross-legged in the middle of the road. But when he got to the spot, no one was there. He continued driving, flicking on and off the radio out of boredom. Hed listen to snippets of vocals, but thought the production was boring, and continue switching stations so just the vocal cuts would ring out.

Still lost in thought, he almost didn't notice a hitchhiker pointing a boney-thumb on the side of the road. OBESON had been secluded in his basement so long that he decided some company would be appreciated and pulled over.

A man wearing long coat and wide-brimmed hat got into the car and said "Thank you, I'm headed north. Drop me off whenever you need to." The two continued their drive along the empty freeway.

The two sat in silence, and OBESON felt the man had a peculiar aura about him. Something indescribable but very much present -- a spectral energy. It was uneasy, but not frightening. It was a sensation, something foreign.

The musician began to flip through radio stations to kill the silence. As he surfed through stations, the hitchhiker said "The faster you switch, the more the vocals sound like phantom voices. Voices of the dead ringing.

OBESON replied, I love pop music, but just the singers. Dr. Luke, Bloodshy & Avant, and those other producers dont do it for me.

The hitchhiker said, Well what would sound better with those voices?

OBESON thought for a minute, then said Something darker but still sexy. Id make pop stars more spiritual.

The hitchhiker nodded and said. I collect voices, you know. I have a garage full of them, swimming around in jars. If you ever need to borrow one, please let me know.

OBESON laughed, but the man in his passenger seat was not smiling. They kept driving until the man said, You can make any musician more spiritual if you own his voice. You control his sonic destiny.

OBESON didnt reply, but this shook him to his core. The man could tell, and said, You can drop me off here.

He got out at the side of the highway and OBESON continued to drive, watching the man in his rear-view mirror. 

The mans figure flickered and for moment it looked like he was sitting down in the middle of the highway. Suddenly, the man disappeared into thin air. It was late, though, and maybe it was just the darkness playing tricks.

OBESON kept driving and began to hum over a pop song playing on the radio. He started humming louder and louder, as if it was his production blasting in the car. The beat was good. It felt right.

His mind started racing. He felt confident, reinvigorated, he had new ideas for the first time in forever. Something was different. He had to get home.

Dawn started to creep up as he aimed his car into his driveway. OBESON continued humming a beat as he got out of his car and dashed straight to his basement. He kept the lights off, but knew something new was flickering inside him. He was going to manipulate those pop songs the way he saw fit. He was going to be the vocal wizard. The owner of voices. The man who warps pop into his own phantasmal creation.

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