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Toronto, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Canada | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos




2016 has inspired producers to level their game up, maybe even more so now than ever. With artists looking to feature a variety of people and styles behind the boards, eclectic soundscapes are finding their way into Hip Hop and R&B-inspired tracks in an interesting way.

As experimental music finds its way into R&B and Hip Hop, OBESØN is someone who can as easily work with someone who’s used to a certain style of production, as he can work with someone with a club or dance music focus. That adaptability comes natural to him, as he’s someone that takes components of his favorite genres and melds them together to find his own signature preferences and risk-taking that works in his favor.

His forthcoming album, Beyond A Billion Stars, is due out on August 15 and the 11-track album is a beautiful introduction to who he is as an artist. The instrumental framework allows his music to be heightened by a visual component, and inspired him to be very selective in the vocal features he included.

Working with limited access to equipment so many take for granted, such as studio monitors, the project holds a polish that makes you wonder what the Toronto-based artist will be capable of when he gets his hands on a high quality studio set-up. While expressing that he feels he was at a disadvantage at times creating this project, the conceptual project came together in a way that was just as adaptive as his music itself. He makes it work for him, and the result is intriguing.

In advance of his album, he dropped the track “Walked Away,” recruiting the vocal talents of Y.A.S. to create something really special. While OBESØN isn’t your quintessential Hip Hop producer, finding his own unique place within music is giving him a staying power that today’s emcees are destined to be really excited about. Once they catch up to him, of course. - The Source

"Lose Yourself in Obesøn’s Atmospheric Debut Album, ‘Beyond a Billion Stars’"

Toronto is home base for many of 2016’s biggest artists including Drake, The Weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR, so it’s no surprise that the producer/singer behind Obesøn—also from Toronto—has already made a name for himself in his rather short-lived career.

25 year-old Meshach Gordon first dabbled in music production at age 14, but it wasn’t until recently, through releasing his debut project, Beyond a Billion Stars, that we were largely introduced to Obesøn’s experimental soundscapes. But his success didn’t come easy—he still faced his fair share of limitations, especially when it came to accessing the necessary studio equipment to create music.

“I did what I could with what I had,” he revealed. “I really did feel at a disadvantage creating this body of work because of the lack of equipment, but I feel like because of that reason exactly is why I sound so unique.”

Now, Obesøn has carved out his own space in the world of hip-hop and R&B with an inclusive style and diverse range of features, all while working without the help of a music label or manager. - Bullet Media


Hegemon collective member and EDM.com favorite OBESØN has returned with the genre-defiant single 'Melting Into You'. Effortlessly combining elements from both future and trap genres, the sultry new record highlights the best of both worlds. Featuring Hartry on vocals, 'Melting Into You' is the seductive mid-week pick-up you didn't know you needed.

OBESØN's 'Melting Into You' hits online retailers January 19th. Stream the must-hear single below and grab your free download here! - EDM.com

"OBESØN - "I Need You To Need Me" - Hillydilly"

There's been a ton of talk about Australian artists and producers lately, but we're beginning to see some buzz from the Canadian lands as well, and we're definitely digging the contrasting vibes offered. Vaisle and Rook Milo are two names within the latter artistic camp to have been exposed recently to us, and OBESØN, a 22-year-old Torontonian producer, is the latest to captivate with his rhythmic electronic. Having an expressed interest in all genres, as well as a focus on versatility, allows OBESØN's Lykke Li-sampled "I Need You To Need Me" to shine in graceful light, and it's indeed impressive to note just how well OBESØN was able to keep the original intact. That's not to say that his own additions are inconsequential or ambiguous, though; some punchy bass and spacey pads are placed alongside Li's looped vocals, giving an airy, electronic feel to the effort that manifest into an intriguing, entrancing sound. - Hilly Dilly


Toronto-based producer and Hegemon Collective rep, OBESØN, has really found his groove in 2015, and according to him, “Friend To An Enemy” acts as the watermark for his recently crystallized direction and sound. The new single, featuring polished R&B vocals from hometown mate, Matt Gordon, takes aim at the turn down, creating a welcoming warmth with enveloping chords and calming, blue-hued percussion. “Looking back on this track is really exciting,” OBESØN tells NHQ over email, “You can hear how much I have grown since I made ‘Friend to an Enemy’ back in January and you can see where my sound started to change and develop into what it is now.” - Nest HQ

"[Chill] Obesøn – Walked Away Feat. Y.A.S."

Back on the scene after a quiet first half to 2016, Toronto based producer Obesøn has taken to Twitter to announce the release of his new album. Beyond A Billion Stars as it will be titled, is slated for a release on August 15th via Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music. In addition to the surprise announcement, the Hegemon co-founder also gave fans a taste of what to expect from the finished project.

“Walked Away”, the first new, original material since February’s “Luv”, features the vocals of London songstress Y.A.S. over a classic Obesøn beat. Without seeming to step outside of his iconic sound with this new single, “Walked Away” shows a maturity in style and a step towards a more widespread, commercial success than his previous projects.

Borrowing from the ambient, euphonic blueprint put on display with “Mon Amour” Obesøn paves a beautiful, dreamy soundscape for Y.A.S. to put her talents on display. With a shimmering xylophone pattern underneath, “Walked Away” is truly a symbiotic pairing. With its subtle aural aspects and sultry vocals, listeners would be remiss to hear this song and not find the resemblance to Jessie Ware & Sampha’s “Valentine” uncanny.

The Ninja team will be on the lookout for all things Obesøn leading up to the release of Beyond A Billion Stars next month. In the meantime, a free download of the single is available on Toneden, and listeners can find all of Obeson’s music on either of his Soundcloud pages here and here. - The Music Ninja

"OBESØN takes us on a unique audio voyage with ‘Beyond A Billion Stars’"

“Experimental” is a word that has become overused in music writing to the point that it’s comical. I’m guilty of it, too. There’s so much music that defies typical genre categorizations, that it’s easy to slap the “experimental” label on top of it and keep things moving instead of actually delving into what makes the music unique.

OBESØN‘s Beyond A Billion Stars is still deserving of the “experimental” label, all things considered, because of exactly how far off kilter he takes his listeners throughout his new album. There’s something inherently different about the Toronto-based producer’s musicianship that makes him stand out, even in the midst of a musical climate where countless people seek to call themselves “one of a kind.”

OBESØN explained via SoundCloud: “‘Beyond A Billion Stars’ is a conceptual, space themed, mainly instrumental album. I make a lot of different music and wanted to switch things up a bit for my first ever project. Throw on your headphones, close your eyes, and let your imagination go to work.” - Artistic Manifesto

"Meshach Gordon - "Found Your Fire" (Feat. Koda)"

At 12 A.M. on a Thursday night, this song just makes sense. Meshach Gordon takes listeners on a sonic journey with slow turns at every corner. Scattered percussion, ambient noise, and captivating sound effects create a song, which brings you into a universe called “Found Your Fire.” If you’re into Chad Valley or Holy Other, then you would be into this fascinating experimental electronic track by Meshach. Don’t think too much when listening to this song. Just take in the atmosphere and enjoy the cinematic, uplifting experience.
Read more at http://earmilk.com/2013/11/15/meshach-gordon-found-your-fire-feat-koda/#j16Tv16ZG1rVG8aY.99 - Earmilk


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