My name is obinna Nwogu and i sing R&B songs. I work alone, and i am not in any group singers neither do i belong in any band.


I sing R&B songs and sometimes, i try singing Hip hop. My song is good and to me i feel i just expressing to the world what i feel that happens around us.


I have been able to make a full album of my song and its already been released. The release date is May 1st 2006. My album contains 10 tracks. My promoter is Kenyatta Hudson(black Wa$p), but am still an unsigned artist looking for a recording company that will sign me on in In America.
Through this link, You can assess some of websites where you will find my album and listen on line

Set List

My songs are still selling in the internet I have been able to compose more than 35 sweet songs and has released 10 tracks out of the 35 songs. As for the sales, Sales is less but i hope it improves soon.