New York City, New York, USA

Brooklyn based boy girl guitar drums duo crafts sensitive yet aggressive noise pop post grunge anthems for the alienated and disenchanted


A two person cacophony of love and disintegration. Our blood sings at a frequency that will resonate in even the darkest recesses of your cold heart. Melting hopelessness away in a trance of intense distraction. Beat the drums to shake off your disgust at life’s empty promises. Convulsing in an orgasmic death twitch, echos of your former lives fighting to reach the surface. Gasping for air. Making you whole again.


Tomorrowland EP - 2011

Black Swan LP - 2008

Ghostly [Single] - 2006 (Lollipop Magazine Compilation CD)

The Mirror World EP - 2005

You Look So Good [Single] - 2004 (Skratch Magazine Compilation CD)

Reinventing the Wheel EP - 2004

On Fire EP - 2003

In Motion EP - 2002

Set List

Clones, No One Cares, Ghostly, the Finish Line, Fast Asleep, Blue Chameleon, Wits End
usually ~ 30 minutes
we can play longer and more sets if necessary.