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By Rhonda Readence
*Music with a Message*Exciting City Weekly Entertainment Magazine 9

Oblivea is a band that formed for the purpose of bringing awareness to the general public about the issues and challenges that Americans face in this tumultuous political and economical climate. Some of the issues that the band touches upon are medical reform,the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign lands, and the dishonest and passive politicians who are content to sweep the ugly truths of American life under the rug.Oblivea has courageously voiced the concerns of millions of Americans, and they've done it through their music.Singer/songwriter and guitarist,Benjamin Kyle, who also engineers and produces the band's music, is backed by Chris Carpmail (guitar),Tommy D (guitar), Gabe Zilka(bass), and James Sparks (drums).Oblivea's sound has been described as a blender on high speed, mixing together Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, and a solid dose of Metallica. Although they only have three songs on their myspace
page, the combined number of plays exceeds 3 million and Oblivea's profile has been viewed over 7 million times. They are indeed getting their message across to people all over the country.Oblivea is raging against the injustices that the working class American must face and over come on a daily basis, such as over priced health care, poor health care, NO health care, and the greed of the insurance companies who continue to take our money and provide, at best, only mediocre coverage. The band is also raging against companies that use the slogan "BuyAmerican" and yet have 85% oftheir products made in other countries. Oblivea is speaking out against these injustices and people are listening. In addition to being a band with a message, Oblivea is also a band with skilled musicians. All members were born and raised in Ohio and all have impressive musical backgrounds and experience. The sound of the band is melodic and dynamic, with original lyrics that actually have something to say. Singer Benjamin Kyle uses his vocal chords the way a blacksmith would use his anvil to hammer a red hot piece of metal
into its desired form. Guitarists Chris Carpmail and Tommy D cap-tivate listeners with their inspiring riffs, while bassist Gabe Zilka demonstrates his complete and total mastery over the bass and drummer James Sparks displays raw talent, heart, and stamina. This is a band that clearly enjoys what they do and are committed to bringing to light the fact that Americans are basically getting screwed. We are paying entirely too much money for medical insurance, the economy as a whole is crumbling around us, and no one seems to care enough to do any-thing about it especially the politicians. There are very few peo-ple who will open their mouths and utter even a half-hearted protest, but Oblivea IS protesting, andthey're doing it loudly. And they
want US to take notice of the fact that WE, as Americans, should also raise our collective voices and make ourselves heard against theinjustices that are taking place all around us. Oblivea is currently recruiting Street Team Members of devoted fans that would be willing to help the band promote shows, hand out flyers, and spread the word. Street Team Members will receive freetickets to Oblivea shows as well as free merchandise. If you are interested in being an Oblivea Street Team Member, please contact theband at myspace.com/oblivea. Youmay also contact the band via their email address oblivea@yahoo.com. Several of the band members also have other projects, all of which you can find by going to Oblivea's myspace page.
- City Weekly Entertainment Magazine 9


We are releasing our CD "Evil Empire"! We recorded on an Alesis IO 26 - 8 track recorder. We used Cubse 4.1 Le to trax and Wave Lab Essentials 6 to master. We are currently working with Tetragram records from Memphis, TN.
They are putting our Cd out National on the main stage of radio Airplay.They are working towards getting our record to the top 40 Billboard Charts!!



We are a political Rock band trying to bring an awareness through our music.
For too many years we have been too passive when it comes to holding our politicians accountable. We expect them to do the job we voted them to do. All they really do is try to stay in office by throwing fund raisers.

We have chosen the topic on medical reform!

What is wrong you say, well it's easy: look at the outrageous cost that medical company's charge us. We obtain a false sense of security by paying $8,000.00 a year to be under insured... While others are denied coverage on a technicality.

WEll, our politicians, are they too scared to take on these medical giants?


Why do so many people have to sell their homes when they get old to pay medical bills?

Why are medical bills the number one cause for bankruptcies in our Nation?

Why do so many teens coming out of High School start off with negative credit because they can't afford insurance?

Why are 30% of the homes foreclosed upon last year due to unpaid medical bills?

Politicians, What have you done?

Politicians, shame on you for bad choices!!

We would like to give a shout out to Walgreen's and Wall Mart for bringing Nurse Practitioners into their store for a lower cost alternative to a Doctors visit.

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