Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Epic Power Metal -- For Booking Contact Keith Smith - OblivionMyth@gmail.com.


Oblivion Myth creates the perfect recipe of sonic thunder by merging the best flavors of original hard rock and progressive power metal. Originating from Nashville, Tennessee the band has a unique, hard-driving sound that is a combination of influences from Stryper, Dream Theater, Symphony X, and Rush and a clean wide-range vocal style that's influenced by Judas Priest, Queen & Kamelot. The band is renowned for presenting the most exciting and memorable live performance an audience will ever see and guaranteed to never forget. The band offers a unique and distinctly compelling performance that appeals to audiences of a wide age range, from young to old. Also unique to the band is the nature and texture of the lyrics. The band presents positive, uplifting and hopeful messages of life; past, present and future. The band's motto: "Eternity is real, Oblivion is just a Myth".

The band released a new album in 2016 entitled "Inside the Mirror" and it is receiving much positive attention. It was awarded Album of the Year by Angelic Warlord in 2016 and nominated for both a NIMA award in 2017 and a Independent Music Award in 2018. The band is currently in production of the 3rd album due in 2018.

"Fans of power metal with positive/Christian content shouldn’t even hesitate to check out Inside The Mirror. Oblivion Myth, in my opinion, is the best band to emerge in the Christian power metal scene since Theocracy.[Miracle Music]" -February 17, 2018 Jonathan "Doc" Swank [Heaven's Metal Magazine]

"Oblivion Myth's "Inside The Mirror" makes the Music City live up to its name. Uniquely created with a big and wide mix of energy!" -Shelby Kennedy, Tunecore VP Entertainment Relations

“For years I've wondered why this band hasn't blow up & been signed to an established label. I've been a fan for years and after FINALLY seeing them live, I'm no longer just a fan, I'm officially a "FANBOY"! One day in the future, when they've finally received the fame, recognition and accolades that they deserve and when they play before hundreds of thousands of rabid Metal Maniacs at Wacken Open Air, we will look back on this night and remember in awe, how they played for us, for the Georgia Metal Alliance Int'l H.M.C. when they were still undiscovered by the rest of the world & always be grateful for it! Oblivion Myth blew us all away, they decimated all that they surveyed! This is true heavy metal! No sub-genre, not Power Metal, just serious classic Heavy Metal in the same vein as Judas Priest, Iced Earth & some Hammerfall sprinkled in for good measure! If you've never heard this band live (or listened to their music at all, you NEED to check them out & buy their music!) The G.M.A. has officially adopted Oblivion Myth!" Nik "Werewolf" Bloodstorm Int'l President/Founder Georgia Metal Alliance Int'l H.M.C. Georgia Metal Alliance International Heavy Metal Club www.georgiametalalliance.com

"Inside The Mirror is not so much the best album I have heard in 2016 (at least up to this point), but perhaps the best album I have heard in the past several years... I esteem Inside The Mirror to such an extent that if I had delayed writing the article by several months I would easily have included it and changed the title to The ELEVEN Best Albums Of The Past Ten Years in the process!" ...Angelic Warlord, Sept. 6, 2016.

"Oblivion Myth returns with their magnum opus "Inside The Mirror" a Powerful and Majestic slab of classic metal that scorches with the heat of a thousand suns. A must have for any metalhead!" ...Mike "The Big Cheese" Catricola, The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show

For booking information please email
Keith Smith - OblivionMyth@gmail.com.


War Child

Written By: Keith Smith,Patrick Nickell,Chris Selby, Chris Selby

In the distance You hear the warning
Of a Fateful Fiery Fiend and his Spirit’s burning

On the horizon The end of the Light
A Child will be born to a Star of the Night

The Chosen One Will deliver us
From the pain and wash away our tears with Reign

Salvation calls It rules over all
A never ending bliss from our damnation

War Child rise Lift our spirits high
Fire in Your eyes War Child rise

This Child of war Will end it all
His voice will pierce the Darkness as Faith and Hope restores

On wings of Grace With fire in His eyes
Bring an end to suffering with everlasting life

War Child rise Lift our spirits high
Fire in Your eyes War Child rise


Written By: Keith Smith

Verse 1
Angels No More Sing, Fall
Demons Answer The Call
Darkness Forming All Around Me
Fighting For The Golden Halls

All The World's A Stage For Me
And Still I See & Reach Empyrean Heaven
After (Last : Now That) I Have Captured My Mystique
All Will Bear Witness To The Creation

Verse 2
Vengeance, Malice Of The Ring
Forgotten Horrors To You, I sing
Distant Atmosphere In My Sight
O’ Bearer Of The Light


Verse 3
They Try To Destroy Us All
All Immortal Ones Will Fall
Turn Your Face To The Rising Sun
Shadows Will Fall Behind You


Inside The Mirror

Release Date: 2016.
  1. Blinding The Darkness
  2. Interlude: The Eagle Has Landed
  3. Sea Of Tranquility
  4. Interlude: We've Had A Problem
  5. Between Light & Shadow
  6. Battle Angles
  7. Inside The Mirror
  8. Interlude: Daybreak
  9. Hallowed Oath
  10. Everlasting Fire
  11. Interlude: Revelations 21:4 (NIV)
  12. Beyond This Home
  13. Interlude: Into The Unknown
  14. Absence of Malevolence
  15. War Child
  16. Interlude: Ecclesiastes 7:25 (NIV)
  17. Venom Of Vices

Between Light and Shadow

1.Gathering of Souls
3.Believer Deceiver
4.The Knightserrant
5.Evil of All Corners
6.Twilight Dementia

2011 Single "War Child"
2011 Demo "Life"
2012 Single "Between Light and Shadow"

Set List

30 Minute Set

  1. Blinding The Darkness
  2. Sea Of Tranquility
  3. Between Light & Shadow
  4. Inside The Mirror
  5. Daybreak / Hallowed Oath
  6. Venom Of Vices

45 Minute Set
  1. Blinding The Darkness
  2. Sea Of Tranquility
  3. Between Light & Shadow
  4. Inside The Mirror
  5. Beyond This Home
  6. Battle Angles
  7. Absence of Malevolence
  8. Daybreak / Hallowed Oath
  9. Venom Of Vices

60 Minute Set
  1. Blinding The Darkness
  2. Sea Of Tranquility
  3. Between Light & Shadow
  4. Inside The Mirror
  5. Beyond This Home
  6. Battle Angles
  7. Everlasting Fire
  8. Absence of Malevolence
  9. War Child
  10. Daybreak / Hallowed Oath
  11. Venom Of Vices