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There are plenty of reasons you might like the idea of making Inside The Mirror, the summer of 2016 sophomore release of Nashville, Tennessee based Oblivion Myth, a priority purchase... devotees of the hard music scene are certain to see the appeal to the compelling songwriting, accomplished lead vocals, proficient musicianship and professional production...

Inside The Mirror is not so much the best album I have heard in 2016 (at least up to this point), but perhaps the best album I have heard in the past several years... I esteem Inside The Mirror to such an extent that if I had delayed writing the article by several months I would easily have included it- and changed the title to The ELEVEN Best Albums Of The Past Ten Years in the process!

Band Review – Matthew Dee Edmondson, Lead Singer for KILLING GRACE on Red Arrow Records

The first time I experienced the power metal awesomeness of Oblivion Myth™ I was driving into town and heard the guys on 102.9 fm playing tracks from their debut album and I was truly blown away. A year later Oblivion Myth, Killing Grace and Halcyon Way sold out not ONE but TWO shows together in their hometown of Nashville and recently myself and the guys in Killing Grace and Oblivion Myth played another highly successful show in Memphis, TN @ the legendary Stage Stop. If you've never seen them you won't ever forget it when you do, and if you've never heard them, rush out and pick up a copy of their latest release"Inside the Mirror", you will LOVE this cd and you will LOVE this band, one of my favorites!

Inside The Mirror Album Review – Shelby Kennedy, Tunecore VP Entertainment Relations

Oblivion Myth's "Inside The Mirror" makes the Music City live up to its name. Uniquely created with a big and wide mix of energy!

Inside The Mirror Album Review – Pastor Bob Beeman, Sanctuary International

I love these guys! Their music is powerful and moving. I have had the pleasure of seeing them in concert many times. This new album carries the power of their live performance with a very masterful recording. Awesome!

Inside The Mirror Album Review – Pat Donahoe employee for Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave)

This is an impressive solid album. And it feels like an album, which I really like! Favorite track..."Between Light and Shadow". A bright future awaits this band.

Inside The Mirror Album Review – Mike "The Big Cheese" Catricola, The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show

Oblivion Myth return with their magnum opus "Inside The Mirror" A Powerful & Majestic slab of classic metal that scorches with the heat of a thousand suns. A must have for any metalhead!

Band Review – Mick Percy, of the NWOBHM band Battleaxe

I really admire what you guys do.

Band Review – Mike "The Big Cheese" Catricola - The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show

Check out Oblivion Myth, you can't beat it.

Band Review – Niek Elferink - Death Metal Baboon

War Child is kick-ass with that typical ancient Metal heavy chugging undertone and pounds and pounds of guitars tearing up the sky with classic riffage.

Band Review – Tony Stone - The Local Buzz on 102.9 FM WBUZ Nashville, TN

It seems like EVERYONE wants to hear Oblivion Myth

Band Review – Patricia Williams Hicks - Stargazer Productions, LLC

Oblivion Myth's "War Child" begins with blazing yet tasteful progressive metal riffs reminiscent of the great prog bands of the 80's and 90's while at the same time sounds fresh and new. The vocals kick in and provide the perfect ingredient for an in-your-face, we shall not be denied metal sound that has been sadly lacking in the music industry for far too long. Thank you, Oblivion Myth, for doing your part to bring back progressive metal \m/

Band Review – Chris Czynszak - Decibel Geek Podcast

Listening to 'War Child' by Oblivion Myth increased my heart rate, doubled my muscle mass, and made me want to throw on a Viking helmet and pillage the ends of the earth.......after this beer!

Band Review – Eric Morris - Reverbnation

Oblivion Myth delivers that sound that all progressive metal lovers crave. These guys have some serious talent. A progressive music machine that can't be beat!

Band Review – Nancy Fisher - NashvilleRock.org

They are a really exciting band to watch and I will catch them again soon!

Band Review – Chris Higgins - piranahrocks.com

1/30/2011 -The Rutledge, Nashville A beautiful day for a metal show in the home of country music. The show included our buds in Oblivion Myth. Gotta say... this band was on fire. Something special going on with them this night. The guys are not only good players, but more importantly good dudes. Great job!!!

Band Review – Mark Gromen - BraveWords.com

Making the trip from Nashville, OBLIVION MYTH were a seasoned bunch, with higher levels of professional and intensity... The band offered a sound rooted in traditional metal, yet straddling the line with thrash. During the –song set they aired ‘Into The Shadows’, ‘Mystique’ and the concluding ‘War Child’. Renditions of some of those tracks can be viewed on YouTube.

Oblivion Myth - Between Light And Shadow – Angelic Warlord, Your Christian Metal & Hard Rock Resource

In the crowded American power metal scene, Nashville, Tennessee’s Oblivion Myth stands out with its darker, more instrumentally expansive and progressive based take on the genre. The group can trace its history to early 2006 when it was founded by guitarist Keith Smith.

What we have in Oblivion Myth is classic US power metal heavily influenced by the NWOBHM. Specifically, the group is not that far removed from Jacobs Dream, Antithesis, Warrior, Bride (eighties era), Fires Of Babylon, Septer and Faith Factor. Yes, a wide array of styles at hand - and I hesitate to invite direct comparison as a result - but if you like many of the previously referenced bands then I can see Oblivion Myth appealing to your tastes.

Oblivion Myth brings a faith based element to the majority of its lyrics (the best way to describe the group might be “Christians in a band”) while its name implies its beliefs as well: Heaven and Hell are real- Oblivion is just a Myth!

Oblivion Myth show reviews – Metal Underground

The night started off with Pastor Bob up at the microphone to announce the benefit and give a little send-off to Oblivion Myth. Those unfamiliar with Pastor Bob up until then now knew him to be an endearing large, tattooed, and long-haired preacher, more than appropriate for this evening. Taking the stage, Oblivion Myth and band rolled through song after song of their own blend of power metal, with guitarist Keith Smith notoriously flashing huge smiles after his solos.

More classic in feel than the other bands, Oblivion Myth got things rolling on a spirited and familiar note to most everyone in the house. During the set change between bands, Theocracy vocalist Matt Smith took some time out from chatting with fans in the audience to hang with me in the backstage area for an interview. After coming back inside from the cold, Innersiege was about to take the stage as the audience swelled to both the front first floor area and the seated area one floor up, flowing over into the bar area to the left.

Debut CD by Oblivion Myth – Metal Archives

One word...amazing! Amazing! Simply amazing!

Oblivion Myth's debut self-titled album comes as a suprise to most. It's a hard hitting, unstoppable force that few refuse to bow down to. While the production may not be top-notch, there is no doubt that each member's perfomance and the overall performance of the band as a single unit is outstanding. From start to the magnificent conclusion, Oblivion Myth as a solid power metal force never lets up. From the fast paced Kreator-esque riffs to the melodic Accept-style riffs, this album and more importantly this band never lets you rest. Most notably, Nickell's drumming never lets up and always fits picture-perfect with the music at any given moment of the album. Smith's vocals, while a little shaky at a few points, provide an excellent addition to this already powerful masterpiece.

Ultimately, Oblivion Myth has created a power, amazing, technical masterpiece. This debut album presents some of the most mindblowing technical performances in centuries! If you haven't heard Oblivion Myth yet, go do so right now!

In closing, is Oblivion Myth the future of power metal? I believe so; however, more importantly, Oblivion Myth is the quintessence of performance, skill, and power metal in general. Are they the Gods of Metal? Without a doubt, YES!!!

Oblivion Myth album release show June 18th Murfreesboro TN – Keith Smith, guitarist, manager

The new 65 minute album "Inside The Mirror" will be performed live on stage in its entirety.
This is the long-awaited follow up album to the debut album "Between Light and Shadow".
Doors open at 7PM. Many surprises in store for this big show so you don't want to miss it and you definitely don't want to be late!
More details coming soon!


PRA Audio Endorsement, Oblivion Myth uses WiC™ for Guitar & Bass exclusively! – Keith

"I've tested more than a dozen wireless systems over the years, but never found one that really impressed me. It seemed that every one changed the tone of my bass. But when I tried the WiC system from PRA at NAMM 2016 in Nashville, I was completely blown away! For the first time I could not tell a difference in tone between the WiC and wired (and I switched back and forth listening for a tonal change). The WiC system is absolutely amazing and by far the best wireless system on the market. I have WiC ELF system and strongly recommend it to every serious musician."
Kevin Butler
Bassist with Oblivion Myth

"I discovered the WiC system from PRA at NAMM 2016 in Nashville and was amazed how great the quality of sound is and versatile that the WiC systems are. The range is amazing without any loss of tone, volume, or signal. PRA Audio WiC system technology are the ideal wireless system for all musicians.
It's totally worth the investment."
Keith Smith
Guitarist for Oblivion Myth

G.M.A. Int'l H.M.C.'s 10th annual Decade of Doom Rager Weekend – Nik "Werewolf" Bloodstorm Int'l President/Founder Georgia Metal Alliance Int'l H.M.C.

G.M.A. Int'l H.M.C.'s 10th annual Decade of Doom Rager Weekend

Oblivion Myth blew us all away, they decimated all that they surveyed! This is true heavy metal! No sub-genre, not Power Metal, just serious classic Heavy Metal in the same vein as Judas Priest, Iced Earth & some Hammerfall sprinkled in for good measure! If you've never heard this band live (or listened to their music at all, you NEED to check them out & buy their music!)

For years I've wondered why this band hasn't blow up & been signed to an established label. I've been a fan for years and after FINALLY seeing them live, I'm no longer just a fan, I'm officially a "FANBOY"! One day in the future, when they've finally received the fame, recognition and accolades that they deserve and when they play before hundreds of thousands of rabid Metal Maniacs at Wacken Open Air, we will look back on this night and remember in awe, how they played for us, for the Georgia Metal Alliance Int'l H.M.C. when they were still undiscovered by the rest of the world & always be grateful for it!

Nik "Werewolf" Bloodstorm Int'l President/Founder Georgia Metal Alliance Int'l H.M.C. http://www.GeorgiaMetalAlliance.com

Oblivion Myth is an IMA Nominee! – Keith Smith

Oblivion Myth is an IMA Nominee!
The Music Resource Group and the distinguished judging panelists have announced that Oblivion Myth is Nominated in the Metal/Hardcore Album Category for Inside the Mirror in The 16th Annual Independent Music Awards!
March 30-31st 2018 at The IMA Independent Music Party @ Lincoln Center, NYC