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Oblivion Sun


Oblivion Sun has created a powerful, dynamic sound that is sure to satisfy all prog rock fans, young and old alike. The band has established itself as a forerunner in the ongoing evolution of progressive music. Exciting, complex and sophisticated music performed live, sure to please any audience.


Oblivion Sun is the brainchild of Frank Wyatt and Stanley Whitaker, founding members of 70's Arista recording artists Happy The Man. HTM reformed in 1999 to headline Nearfest 2000 and they released their first CD in almost 25 years, “The Muse Awakens” in 2004. Frank and Stan recognized the difficulty in getting together to work on new HTM music due to personal schedules and proximity. They had amassed an abundance of material that they feared would never get recorded if they waited for HTM to record it. It was out of this reality that they began recording the duo project “Pedal Giant Animals”. The PGA project, with guest musicians Chris Mack and Pete Princiotto, became the seed for a new band…Oblivion Sun.

Oblivion Sun comfortably crosses many genres while staying true to their progressive roots. This is a band that’s not afraid to get downright funky at times and throw down some serious rock grooves. Expect a good deal of vocal content as well! Fear not, this is still prog and fans of HTM’s lush arrangements will not be disappointed.

The ensemble features the compositional and performance skills of all four musicians: Stan Whitaker on guitar and vocals, Frank Wyatt on keyboards and reeds, Bill Brasso on drums, and David Hughes on bass.
Together, Oblivion Sun have created a powerful, dynamic sound that is sure to satisfy all prog fans, young and old alike. The band has quickly established itself as a forerunner in the ongoing evolution of progressive music. In January of 2013, the band released their sophomore effort entitled The High Places. This tour-de-force maintains the band's instrumental progressive roots while expanding their vocal repertoire. They plan to tour in the U.S. and are looking towards Europe in 2014. They are currently fine tuning a live performance set that will combine music from both Oblivion Sun albums and some prime cuts from the Happy the Man days.


The High Places

Written By: Frank Wyatt

The High Places
(My Eyes)

The eyes of a child seldom hold the lie.
That is saved for a lesser time,
When all color fades into darkness,
The subtle maid rains her fractures.

And I, not so old, still I try
To see inside, crack the aether’s spheres with rhyme.
Prying with my fingertips bloodied,
Everything that’s written, I study.

The veil is strong, long in its weaving.
The trail is not gone, and there’s no doubt where it leads.....

(Spirit Walking)

Flowing dreamlike, milky white, a cape flows out behind her.
My love defines the silky night, moonlit legends bind her.
Black ink runes adorn her arms, a language long forgotten.
Mysteries. Moments spent inside, the Magick of the mountains.

Once again she fades from sight.
She is on her way.
She scales the heights.

(My Eyes)

My eyes, lack the sight, still I cast my glance
Through the stars, through all space, I seek the chance
Seek the words and the Holy lands
The clear places men have been and made their stand.

With circled stones, or mounds of Earth [The Giants Dance]
Buried bones, speaking still, those who were here first
Leave their clues, as bards do, poets drawing lines
In the shifting sands of layered time.

Once was a man, or was it me with a different face?
I see him well...
He found his high place.....


“Slow down a bit...what’s all the trouble?
We’re rushing through a crowded house, please don’t break the bubble.
Let me catch my thoughts....I know they’re here somewhere.
You’ve conjured up my face, let me just find the year...
Then we can go for a walk,
My garden is near....”


Flowers, I like to keep them.
As I touch them with my hands, they offer greetings.
There is a card in Nature’s hand that she will not play
Unless she’s coaxed and tempted, it’s the Shaman’s way.

And once revealed, the Goddess offers much
In smoke and brew one receives her touch
The sunrise now comes slowly and pure
More colors there than there ever were before.
The thoughts within us flow like crystal springs.....

So from this high place, I spin my dreams
Within them this story of a place I have seen....

(The Rules)

High upon a white chalk wall,
Chiseled there, the mighty hall
With multi-colored banners flying
Pointing to the sea.
Below them, sleeping dragons,
Dream of armored men
Who come upon their stallions
Bearing destinies so grim.

What sort of Earth is this
Where no law might stay?
Has the last of our Unicorns
Run away?

Standing on the open cliff,
With billowing white garment
A man stares at the ocean as
Three gulls hover, wind’s adornments.
The frown upon his gold-crowned brow
Speaks of troubled moments
Poised upon this precipice
Where worlds are set in motion.

“Can this be the last of things, as I have known them?
Where will men find comfort when, they’ve failed to see the omens?
And do I dare stand up
And call them all fools?
Many are the Noble ones,
Who now....make....the rules.

My life has been an open book,
My words have been guarded.
The precious Old Ways, that I have kept
Soon will have parted.
No circle remains that I might build,
No Alchemy....no song.
The grey cloaked men can draw no runes
To turn this end that’s started.

This must be the last of things, as I have known them.
I pray that men remember when they defined this moment.
And I now stand up tall
And call them all fools.
The dragons roar, the church cross breaks
Daring those....who make...the rules.”

(The Cage)

They came today, a thousand strong
Fast...on steel shod horses.
Angry men with frozen stares,
Death rallied among their forces.
What chance had we, the few of us?
Though we did not bow down.
We claimed our ground, our blood fell hot
Upon the sand and ashes.

And when the sun sank into the sea,
None of us remained.
The Earth received her children there
And entered a new age.
Magick sleeps now, Dragons gone
Il Quinto Mare is no more,
And all the ways of Merlin’s ken
Are locked up in a cage.

All.....locked up in the cage.

(Our Eyes)

Our eyes, lack the sight still we cast our glance
Through the stars, through all space, we still seek the chance
Seek the words, and the Holy Lands
Seek the paths, to the Highest Places.

(Spirit Walking)

Flowing dreamlike, milky white, her cape floats out behind her.
My love again defines the night,
Through moonlit legends......find her.


Written By: Stan Whitaker


Hey old friend, how do you do?
Tell me what’s become of you.
I can’t complain... but life’s been rough.
Just never seems to be enough.

‘Cause honestly, everything is still a mystery.
Seems to me, everything is where it’s supposed to be.

I have only one request.
Follow this and you’ll be blessed.
Do in life what you do best.
Live with love... forget the rest.

‘Cause honestly, everything is still a mystery.
Seems to me, everything is where it’s supposed to be.

Hey... see the light and say... hey...

Honestly, everything is still a mystery.
Seems to me, everything is where it’s supposed to be.


Written By: Frank Wyatt


I went for a walk today,
On a path in my mind.
I keep it all sunny there,
And the shrubberies are fine.
It’s my very private place,
So imagine my surprise,
When along comes this Cheshire cat
With Magick in its eyes.

“Excuse me” he said...
“May I walk in your head?”

So what could I do?
Cheshire cats are so few....
I welcomed him.

La la te dee, la la te dum...

“So what’ve you been up to, friend?”
I ventured to ask,
As we wandered through wonderland,
Just me and the cat.
“It’s hard to be me.” he said
With a troubled look.
“Everyone’s gone away.
No one reads the book.

And that’s why I’m here.
I saw you walking so near.”

Now I wondered who could possibly know
That Cheshire cats might feel so very low?
And I vowed right then and there it would be my mission,
To cheer him up...modify his sad condition.

La la te dee, la la te dum...

“Listen my furry friend,
You may have it wrong!
Let’s think what the book has said,
And put it to song.
It should be quite easy,
Some good and some bad;
A little excitement here,
Some pretty stuff there...

Shall we give it a try?”
A sparkle came to his eyes,
“How should it begin?”
Then, with our patented grins,

We improvised....

La la te de, la la e dum....

“I’m feeling much better now.”
The Cheshire cat sighs.
“I’m feeling better, too...”
I had to confide.
I laughed as he slipped away,
Fading from sight.
He left me standing there,
With a smile and a wink.

“Excuse me...” he said
“For using your head!”

Pink Sky

Written By: Frank Wyatt

Pink Sky

I chase the moon, I race the sun
Hold my crystal Goblet up, as one
With the Eckankars, as they weave through stars
Mystic travelers on a stream of light
Flowing joy flight through the night.

Hue; the color, and the sound
In eleven worlds,
The planes surround all our eyes can see.

This material world, we wear like feathered cloaks
Beating hard against the mirrors and the smoke
As we learn to fly

Anon, anon, and on and on…
Cracking castles with our songs,
Dismantling things as must be done
To be free of them
Anon anon, and on and on.

Up on the hill, I saw a cross
Couldn’t decide to be on or off
So I turned the pages I could find
Read great mysteries, studied rhymes,
Questions, dares, and lyric briefs
Never finding my relief.
If it’s dreams we want, then we must sleep…
We weave the Pink Sky…
It’s morning’s lie…
As we wake.

Hearts melt…it’s true
But there’s hate inside of us, too.
Dreams mate with truth
In the garden…in the roots.
In me and you...
Some hidden road to walk.

Clearly we are meant to ask
And to answer at the last
What are we about? The largest "Why?"
When our flesh is shed…
Put our cares to bed…
With our arrogance.
The poet knows his words are sly
And Karma pays us, we can’t hide ....
To dream the dreams , to go inside
The Pink Sky


* Oblivion Sun (2007) ProPhase Music MVDA4648
* The High Places (2013) Prophase Music PMCD1301

Set List

Dead Sea Squirrels
Mushroom Men
The High Places (suite)
Shadow Lights (Happy the Man)
Steaming Pipes (Happy the Man)
Open Book (Happy the Man)
Service With a Smile (Happy the Man)
I Forgot to Push It (Happy the Man)
Chapter 7.2