Linköping, Östergötland, SWE
BandRockClassic Rock

Today Oblivious has turned into a monster of massive rock and roll. The shows are a statement, thier songs shows a genuine and honest point of view of how rock should be played. In this day and age when nothing counts unless you get played on MTV and uses a hell of a lot of electronic synthezeisers and this hideous Auto-Tuning systems.
What they do, in all thier simplicity, is to show you all out there that rock n roll should be played with your genitals, with your brain and your inner groove


Dio is gone, Jimi Hendrix God given talent has been missed for over 5 decades, Janis Joplin was lost to the rock n roll-gods, Cliff Burton was tragically taken away from us too soon. So what do we have to put our faith in now? All the legends still alive is singing on their last choruses. The rock n roll world is in panic and in shock. Is this the day of time when rock n roll dies?
Ofcourse not!!!!!

Oblivious, a new, hot band from Linkoping, Sweden, plays melodic
stoner rock with a touch of classic 70's rock n’ roll. Influences include such great bands as Dozer, Kyuss, Clutch, as well as
older heroes like Black Sabbath,Pentagram & Zeppelin.

In their five years of existence, they've recorded four demos and
done countless gigs in Sweden.Oblivious has opened for kick ass
bands like Dozer, Fingerspitzengefühl,Graveyard, Hellfueld & Witchcraft to name a few.

The more recent Oblivious historybegins in late 2003 - early 2004,
when Daniel (guitar) and Per (bass) joined original members Isak (vocals) and Sven (guitars) for some tasty jams. At first Daniel played drums, but switched to guitars after six months. To fill the spot, the band recruited Daniels and Pers long time friend Jocke. That proved to be a stroke of genius. With Jocke behind the drum set, providing a much needed heaviness along with incredible
groove, and Daniel on second guitar, balancing Svens technical,
progressive riffs with his own more rock n roll influenced style;
the Oblivious Sound started taking shape.

In December 2009 Oblivious released their debut album Goons and Masters on Transubstans records/Border Music, followed by their present Scandinavian 2010 tour.
In february Goons and Masters‚ placed in the ‘Top Ten’ of top selling records in the ‘Hard Rock’ category in Sweden.

During last year Oblivious supported amarican rockers The Flying Eys on their summer europen tour for a couple of shows. Later on they hooked up with norwegian stoner rockers Brutos for a shorter tour through norway and sweden.

At this moment a second album being recorder, more on that later!!!


Debut album, "Goons and Masters" (2009),
Label: Transubstans/Tee Pee Records/Bonier Music

Track Listing:
1. Egoboy
2. Throne
3. Red Eyed Goon
4. Master of Time
5. Kickin and Screamin
6. Bring It On Me
7. Dead End Night
8. Boiling Brain
9. Bide Your Time
10. Blind Faith