O'Brien's Enemy

O'Brien's Enemy


Just the best alternative/folk duo or group to come out of the Northwest in years!


For almost 1/20th of a century, this duo has been playing music together in some way.

Travis and Nic have been honning their skills togeter since 2004 and the music has become extremely sharp. Both versatile musician bring a sweet balance to their talents. Nic guitar and keyboards and Travis guitar and vocals.


EP1 released in 2002 - Travis Pinn's Extremeties became a classic and top 25 pick on the cebaby.com charts and sales reports.
EP1 Released 2004 with band O'Brien's Enemy: Tracks include
1. Blood 2. Enigma 3. Rhetoric 4. The Common Policy.
EP2 Released 2007: Tracks include
1. Off the Web 2. 36 United 3. Move

Set List

Off the Web
36 United
The Common Policy
Beatles cover (Helter Skelter)