Hailing from a Quebec mining town where air, water and soil are contaminated with heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, the young guns of Obsek literally got metal in their blood.


October 2004: Traumatic Landscape comes to life
January 2005: First live appearance with Fuck the Facts
August 2006: First show under the name of Obsek

Fall 2006: Entered studio with Pascal Letendre (Decrepity)
May 2007: Release of The Initiation (Demo)
June 2007: Opening act for Exterio

July 2007 : Release of Necrorgy (Single)
May 2008: Opening act for Catamenia
August 2008: Entered studio with Yannick St-Amand (Despised Icon)

October 2008: Release of Promo 2008 (Demo)
March 2009: Opening act for Carnifex
Summer 2009: Mini tour with Supremacy + Summer Festivals

August 2009: Entered studio with Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy)
October 2009: Direct support for The Agonist
July 2010: Release of Traumatic Experiment (debut album)

July 2010: Rock' N Growl Festival with Blind Witness
September 2010: Emerging Music Festival with Beneath the Massacre
May 2011: Farewell show with Decrepity

October 2011: Obsek featured in The Hole Story (film of Richard Desjardins)
August 2012: First band rehearsals since May 2011
November 2012: Reunion show with Anaal Nathrakh


The Initiation (Demo 2007)
Promo 2008 (Demo 2008)
Traumatic Experiment (Debut album 2010)