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The best kept secret in music


Wow!... that's my first impression of this awesome band out of Raleigh NC - Take Bleeding Through, Hatebreed add a twist of Marilyn Manson and you have OBSIDIAN, but much much better! There were six bands playing at The Brewery on Saturday night of which OBSIDIAN was OFF THE HOOK... the best of all the bands there!

Anthony "Legion" Parker from Dunn, NC kicks it into high gear with outstanding vocals and his energetic stage persona. Crunchy guitar riffs from Derek Davis to smooth bass lines from Scott Moore and hard and heavy beats from drummer Tim Pluta set OBSIDIAN apart from the rest.
I've never seen a band on the local scene get a crowd moving to the sound as did Legion and the guys. Legion's energy was awesome! From standing on the stacked amps to jumping off the stage into the crowd, to head-banding with the fans - he showed his love for his music and the love of a crowd. Just seeing him walk around The Brewery as a "fan" for the other bands, you'd never guess that he'd ever have so much energy and dynamic performance on the stage. But not only did Legion have the energy, his band members, Scott, Derek and Tim all were groovin' and jammin' and head-bangin', making their performance outstanding and top-notch.

After the show, I talked with Legion; a very down to earth individual who's very proud of his band and his music. You can tell talking to him his enthusiasm in what he does. Legion writes most the music and his band members take on making their part in the music a sound of their own, blending awesomely with the rest. It's a true band affair.

For one that doesn't normally like OBSIDIAN’s style of music...the gothic, death metal type, I'd have to say, I think I'm falling. This band could make me like Opera, I think!

OBSIDIAN... remember that name, you'll be seeing it a lot in the future. - Confused Illusion Managment

After seeing their show 27 November 2004 for the first time and being totally awed by these guys, I didn’t think the second time around would be as thrilling…boy, I was wrong!

The band is OBSIDIAN…the energy was high impact.

Not only did Legion (Vocals), Derek (guitar), Scott (bass) and Tim (drums) not let me down and kicked ass, their newest member Rick (guitar) totally rocked The Brewery. Rick fit right into the scene – pretty damn good for a first time performance with this band of death metal rockers. Adding the second guitar made the band have a much stronger sound and one more body on the stage to get the groove on with the crowd. I just love to watch them on stage thrashing around to their own music and loving every minute of it.

To the Obsidian crew – crowd participation is a must. They aren’t happy until they have some serious moshing going on! Numerous times Legion and Scott were out in the crowd – getting “moshed”, which made the fans energy level go a step above high impact to a totally insane level!

Closing the show – Legion was carried off stage on the finger tips of the fans laid back bellowing the last words for the evening from the musicians, but the crowd didn’t stop with the music….”OBSIDIAN, OBSIDIAN, OBSIDIAN…” was all you heard – a whisper fading into the night.

The fans love Obsidian—the band’s following is growing by leaps and bounds – with good reason – THEY ROCK! - Confused Illusion Managment

"All the bands rocked but when Obsidian took the stage, the room fragmented and all hell broke loose."

If you ever get a chance to see OBSIDIAN you will not be disappointed. Between the hellacious lyrics and vocals by Anthony" Legion" Parker, and the killing musical orgasm by -Guitarist- Derek "Vomit "Davis, -Bass- Scott "The Panther" Moore and -Drummer- Tim "Jesus" Pluta, this band is destined to go places.

Where many bands stand on their stage-throne and belt out the music, get paid and jet; this band is in your face from the moment they hit the stage. In fact staying on stage is unusual for this group. They are in the pit, in your lap, knocking your ass into the oubliette of who and what they are.

Yes, I’m still excited after going, yes, they are that good. For those of you who wish to challenge my opinion....slowly pull your head out of your ass and maybe the muffled sound of your bowels won’t hinder your taste in true showmanship and talent for much longer.

\m/ Obsidian you have my love and lust, Keep it real and wicked.

-Shay- : Local Music Scene Supporter - Shay (OBSIDIAN Fan)


Jan. 2005 - "Cellar Door" Demo

March 18, 2006 - OBSIDIAN 1st album entitled "Cellar Door"

The following tracks From "Cellar Door" are on rotation on the local college radio (88.1 Chainsaw Rock):

Track #2: "The Horrid Masses"
Track #5: "The Chosen One"

Live Videos can be found on our website: www.obsidianmusic.net

June 6, 2006 - Series DVD volume 4. (Live DVD with many national bands)


Feeling a bit camera shy


OBSIDIAN is a 5 piece Industrial Influenced Metal band from Raleigh North Carolina. OBSIDIAN is known across North Carolina and surrounding regions for their highly-energetic, epically theatric stage shows. With every show, they always seem to leave the crowd breathless and screaming for more. With all members coming from different musical background and experience, the music that is composed naturally comes together in an aural masterpiece of mixed genre.

OBSIDIAN has been around North Carolina for collectively 3 years. They have played over 45 shows in the past year across North Carolina and the central east coast region. They’ve opened for numerous national and regional acts including opening for major industrial act BILE for their first show ever. Since, they have opened for bands such as Sister Kill Cycle, Wednesday 13, Deadstar Assembly, Lunatic Candy Kreep, Still Life Decay, Slavemachine, Century Media's Glass Casket, and Road Runner Records Artists Devil Driver. With an ever growing fan-base in their region, they continue to book and open for many of the regional and national acts that come through their town.