Obstruction of Authority

Obstruction of Authority


OOA is hardcore rock. They have a setlist full of songs with lyrics about life in general with some political undertones. They are five guys with a passion for their music that is unseen in alot of well known bands. And the best part about them is they are best friends on and off stage.


Obstruction of Authority was formed out of a desire to play music that the members were passionate about, with the ultimate goal being to become a full-time, professional band. They are well on their way of realizing that goal with the release of their first album slated for later this year.
Forming in Leavenworth, KS in 2006 under the name "The Last Tragedy," the band decided to rename the musical endeavor due to lineup changes and evolving musical styles. With the final lineup in place, Obstruction of Authority began playing out on several gigs in the Greater Kansas City Metro area.
Now consisting of Tony Terry on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Brandon Darrow on drums and backing vocals, Joshua Criss on lead guitar and vocals, Ryan Welborn on bass guitar and Monty Anderson on mood guitar and synthesizer, the band now works as a whole to write their music. The lyrics of which are not pushing any particular agenda, according to Tony Terry they are, “somewhat political with hints of just life in general.”
Most recently compared to Hawthorne Heights due to their own unique brand of radiant and fiery post-hardcore that is expansive yet more focused than the efforts of other bands that they could be categorized with and their triple guitar arrangement. This band is ready for whatever comes next in their career.
The group works well together because of the immense camaraderie between its members. Tony summed it up best when he said, “We’re more than just a band, we’re friends.”
Look for OOA’s first release titled, “ The Birth of Brutality “ due out this summer.


EP 2007
The Birth of Brutality

Set List

No Stereotypes
In Darkness
Bearing Arms
Love Divine
Fly Away