Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, CAN

If you want a jagged musical assault with touches of sanity; if you want lyrics that are yelled for a reason; and if you want music that hasn't forgotten about the riff; then Obsydian is for you. Check out the Grotesque Presage and see if Obsydian is for you.


Obsydian is a metal band based out of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. It's made up of Marc Mackenzie on guitar and vocals, Ian Seurattan on bass and backing vocals, Mitch Dragatis on guitar, and Justin Marshall on drums.

The Obsydian sound is of the varied sort, taking influence from all aspects of music. The memorable songwriting of bands such as Megadeth and Pantera are great inspirations to their overall approach, but by infusing all of the other black and death metal influences, and of course adding in some piano here and there, they have come up with a sound that they want to show anyone who is willing to listen.

Since the inception of the band, the members have taken it upon themselves to do everything they can to further their music; from playing house shows, to playing to less than 5 people at times, to having the opportunity to play with internationally known acts such as Misery Index, Fuck The Facts, and Woods of Ypres.

During the summer of 2009, Obsydian recorded their first album, "The Grotesque Presage", and it truly is the culmination of a lot of hard work. It has become the main focus of the band since being released on April 28th, 2010 and so it's time to spread it as far as it can go.


NSCC Demo - 2008
The Grotesque Presage - 2010