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"Review by Mark Lush (MidwestBands.com)"

Musicianship – 8 out of 10
Occams Razor is something of an anomaly to me. Their music is dark, but that darkness doesn’t stem from their heavy sound. In fact, thanks to the classical guitar work of Zach Tyre, this album has moments of very somber beauty, in addition to bone-crushing heavy music! I am impressed with the band’s unique sound, and think they deserve high marks for their musicianship. They are highly talented, creative people!

Songwriting - 8 out of 10

This album, in many respects, is a concept album. Scratch that; it’s more accurate to say that this album is very much like a symphony! Written in three movements, the work progresses from ‘Darkness’, to ‘Realization’, and finally to ‘Empowerment’. The lyrics of the songs fit well with each movement, and the feel of each song helps to create the mood for each movement. At first, I thought that the lyrics and music were probably all written by one person. Not so! Each member of the band contributed lyrics. As to whether the music was spearheaded by one individual or not, I can’t say. I do know, though, that there is strong evidence of a great collaborative effort on the band’s part. That impresses me! It is especially cool that they have been able to produce such a well-written, intelligent album. This is songwriting in the vein of the great Metal bands like Queensryche and Iron Maiden! Great music and great lyrics!

Sound Quality/Professionalism - 8 out of 10

There are very few albums that I’ve listened to and felt the ground shake as I did so. I’m not sure how Occams Razor was able to achieve the sonic quality they did, but I am impressed! Especially on songs like ‘Break’, you feel, rather than hear, the bottom end! I love the way they have also used sound effects, like rain falling, to set the mood for the entire album. I won’t give away all of their secrets; you’ll just have to hear the record to know what I mean! This is a quality recording, and the band should definitely be proud of their work!

Packaging - 9 out of 10

I really like the way Occams Razor has packaged their CD! Very cool photography and artwork graces the 8-panel foldout that is included with the disc. Lyrics are included, too, as well as band photos and credits. This is the way that big labels put out an album, not Independent bands! For a liner notes junkie like me, it is a perfect wrapper for a great album!

Favorite Tracks


Overall Rating - 8 out of 10

For me, one line that I found in the liner notes sums up the way I feel about the music of Occams Razor. It is The statement is almost like a mission statement for the band, and it reads ‘Keeping Music Brutally Beautiful’. I like that! It is a perfect way to describe the band’s music, and a great way to maintain focus! Today’s music business can be so focused on the bottom line that bands are forced to bend and twist to conform to industry standards and become profitable. By establishing a focus, and carving out their own niche, they are taking a very healthy approach, and creating a unique sound and feel. They are innovators, playing the music that they feel and know. What else can you say! That effort is to be commended! If their live show lives up to the sound they’ve created on The Sound of Inevitability, I don’t think there is anything that can stop Occams Razor from hitting it big one day! Even if that’s not the case, their studio work stands up well, and will for a long time! This is an album that I believe every Metal fan will want to have in their collection, for two reasons: First, it is a great album! Second, it will be great to have this one in your collection when everybody else is scrambling to find it! I have a feeling that their sound and concept will carry them a long way in the ever-evolving world of Heavy Metal. Great album, guys!---Mark Lush, Midwestbands.com, 9/10/04 *Listen to Occams Razor on MWB Radio!
- MidwestBands.com

"Review By MidwestMetal"

Band: Occams Razor
CD: The Sound of Inevitability
Reviewer: Tatt
1) Intro-Break
2) Commence to Breakdown
3) Alone
4) The Myst
5) Lost
6) Idyl Rain
7) Time
8) 12/20
9) Misspent
10) End of Time
11) Absence
12) Lullabye

How many times does a band come along that boasts that they’re the best band around, or that nobody plays as good as they do, or that their music is on a higher level than everybody else’s?? I hear it all the time. Now, Occams Razor didn’t make any of those boasts, but they could have, easily. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that their music is superior to everyone elses, but I am saying, that this is one of those bands that if they had said it, I don’t think it would have been meant in a condescending manner to other bands. What gives me that impression? First of all, the small notation on their album on their album cover that says quite simply: KEEPING MUSIC BRUTALLY BEAUTIFUL. And I’m here to tell you, that rarely, if ever, will you hear a metalhead call their music beautiful. And that very thing is the gift that Occams Razor gives us. Their music IS brutal and it IS beautiful all at once. It’s inventive and memorable. This is truly a band that could not really classify their particular style of heavy metal. The darkness in it begs gothic and at times almost doomy, only to be lifted to lofty heights by great guitar work being supported by an incredible rhythm section. Elements of thrash, black and death metal creep in, but they are quickly quelled by a progressive feeling, that is in itself overtaken by an unmistakable old school afterthought. Everything they do is powerful and well planned, well executed, and well done. Elements you will not find in music by Occams Razor ..no grind, no industrial sound, no mud this is pure brutal beauty as they say, and they have wrapped the disk in dark beauty of it’s own with an admirably done cover and insert. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

Find them online at:
- MidwestMetal.info

"Review by Jeb Branin 2004"

A lot of bands have tried to take the domineering crunch of pure death metal and incorporate it into a more sonically diverse delivery. Many of those attempts have been successful, others have flopped. OCCAMS RAZOR is definitely one of the successes. There is no doubt that O.R. packs enough of a punch to splinter bone, but the band tempers that by weaving innovative and progressive flavors into complex melodies. It is almost like getting hit in the head with a crowbar that has been padded just enough that the impact doesn't kill you. Throughout their debut CD "The Sounds of Inevitability", the band explores variants of this approach, with a lot more triumphs than one might expect from an album that could definitely be called "experimental" or even "fringe". But fear not, even if you are one of those metal fans with their minds welded shut, you'll probably like this.

Added: March 20th 2004
Reviewer: Jeb Toocrass
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Language: English - Mindspell.org/In Music We Trust

"Review by Jeb Branin 2006"

New American Slave
CD ep

OCCAMS RAZOR are back and these heavy hitting
philosophers are the self-proclaimed masters of making
music that is brutally beautiful. Which is,
incidentally, a description that I agree fits them
perfectly. With a new, and far more versatile,
vocalist in Kevin Swisher, the band has taken that
next step in their evolution. With music that is as
progressive as it is heavy, it is important that all
members can contribute equally to the band's vision,
and on this three-track ep, all do. While many death
bands who want to expand the melody in their music cop
out and take the easy route of mimicking the
orchestral embellishments of so many countless of
their peers, OCCAMS RAZOR takes the less conventional,
but immensely more logical, approach of increasing the
complexity of their music and exploring a variety of
tones and counterpoints in their sound. In doing so,
they resoundingly reject the Gothenburg influence
(another too oft employed convention and thus beneath
a band of this caliber) in lieu of elements that touch
on classic thrash metal and even some groove. I'm
totally sold on this band. It's time for a label to
step up to the plate and sign a band that is
succeeding in doing something different.

-Jeb Brannon (Freelance Writer)

- Music We Trust and MindspelL.org

"Review by Sacir Camo (www.metal-revolution.com)"

It is just so nice feeling to discover a band that you never knew existed, know that feeling? Well, it just happened to me recently, I ordered my copy of Occams Razor EP and enjoyed in the music they are creating. Their music can easily be described as brutally beautiful. There are only three tracks on this EP, but I wish there were more. The music itself is heavy as fuck, but at the same time progressive. On these three songs they are expanding the boundaries of death metal, showing that this genre can be as complex and variable as any other metal sub genre. It is very hard to compare them to someone else, which we as critics always want to in order to make our job easier and it should be understood in a positive way. They have many elements of thrash metal with some groove elements, so I guess if you definitely need a labelling so I guess you can compare it to Gothenburg (Sweden) metal scene. Still Occams Razor (quite a strange name for a metal band, donât you think?) manage to be their own, stay different and not just rip-offs. My favourite song is the closing track âNew American Slaveâ with tempo changes and variety of vocals as well as the fine ending, but the other two are no bad tracks either. Btw. all three tracks can be heard on bandâ sites: www.occamspit.com and www.myspace.com/occamsrazor I hope some major label will finally see how great potential this band has and sign them up immediately.

- Sacir Camo


"The Sound of Inevitability" 2004-LP (Independent)
"Core Till Death 3" 2004-Compilation (Heavycore Chicago, Ill)
"The Forgotten EP" Jan 2005-EP (Statue Records-Hollywood, Ca)
"N.A.S. EP" Oct. 2005 (Independent)
"World Gone Mad Comp" 2006 (Independent)
"Battle Hymns of the Defiant" 2008 (Full length comming Early Fall)

Release of full length album "Battle Hymns Of The Defiant"

Currantly Have/ Have Had airplay on Radio/Streaming:
The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show (UK)
Metalnetradio.com (Canada)
TheX 103.9 Dayton, Oh
Midwestbands Streaming Radio
Dayton Local Streaming Radio
WWSU Wright State Radio
TheX 107.5 Lima, Ohio
FM 98.3 Bellefointaine, Oh
FM 89.9 WYNO Oswego, NY


Here is a list of National Acts we've shared the stage with:
3 Inches of Blood
5 Bolt Main
6 Feet Under
Alien Ant Farm
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Before The Rise (1 Tour)
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The Dreaming (1 Tour)
Drowning Pool
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Found Dead Hanging
From a Second Story Window
In This Moment (1 tour)
Marc Rizzo (1 tour)
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Silent Civilian (2 tours)
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The journey of Occams Razor has seen a band develop from the ground up. With 6 years of hard work, they have gone from a local band fighting to make a name as an opening local band, to a national touring act booked exclusively by the Mustang Agency. This right of passage saw the band open for over 30 national acts, and tour Nationally with Silent Civilian, In This Moment, The Dreaming, Marc Rizzo, Saint Diablo, and others. This touring has generated not only a generous national fan base, but also attention from several music industry professionals. With their continued hard work and snowballing fan base, there’s no telling where this expedition will lead the band…Regardless, Occams Razor promises to continue to strive for superior music and energetic live shows.