Occams Razor

Occams Razor


Trucker Metal from Ohio, Occams Razor promises to continue to strive for superior music and energetic live shows.


The journey of Occams Razor has seen a band develop from the ground up. With 6 years of hard work, they have gone from a local band fighting to make a name as an opening local band, to a national touring act booked exclusively by the Mustang Agency. This right of passage saw the band open for over 30 national acts, and tour Nationally with Silent Civilian, In This Moment, The Dreaming, Marc Rizzo, Saint Diablo, and others. This touring has generated not only a generous national fan base, but also attention from several music industry professionals. With their continued hard work and snowballing fan base, there’s no telling where this expedition will lead the band…Regardless, Occams Razor promises to continue to strive for superior music and energetic live shows.


Too Late for Rescue

Written By: Kevin Swisher

Will you give up everything?
You always were a fucking coward
Content to let the sky fall around you
Unwilling to change your fate
Realize its all or nothing
You cant have what you do not take
Believe its what you deserve
Invite the vultures to pluck out your eyes

Every man has a choice
You're too goddamn scared of life
Cant see past the walls around you
The one you've built piece by piece
Too late for resuce
Fuck you dont even want to be saved
Let the demons surround you
Let them taste all your fears

You could've had it all
But with every breath you throw it all away
There's nowhere else to hide
You've made your choice, but your lie is killing me

Face the truth of what you've become
Reaching higher and higher
Falling farther with every miss
Your second side is showing its face
You've lied over and over again
You wont look into my eyes
Dont think Ill ever forget
You'll be lucky if I forgive


"The Sound of Inevitability" 2004-LP (Independent)
"Core Till Death 3" 2004-Compilation (Heavycore Chicago, Ill)
"The Forgotten EP" Jan 2005-EP (Statue Records-Hollywood, Ca)
"N.A.S. EP" Oct. 2005 (Independent)
"World Gone Mad Comp" 2006 (Independent)
"Battle Hymns of the Defiant" 2008 (Full length comming Early Fall)

Release of full length album "Battle Hymns Of The Defiant"

Currantly Have/ Have Had airplay on Radio/Streaming:
The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show (UK)
Metalnetradio.com (Canada)
TheX 103.9 Dayton, Oh
Midwestbands Streaming Radio
Dayton Local Streaming Radio
WWSU Wright State Radio
TheX 107.5 Lima, Ohio
FM 98.3 Bellefointaine, Oh
FM 89.9 WYNO Oswego, NY


Here is a list of National Acts we've shared the stage with:
3 Inches of Blood
5 Bolt Main
6 Feet Under
Alien Ant Farm
All that Remains
Before The Rise (1 Tour)
Body Count
The Dreaming (1 Tour)
Drowning Pool
Dry Kill Logic
Fear Factory
Found Dead Hanging
From a Second Story Window
In This Moment (1 tour)
Marc Rizzo (1 tour)
Shram (1 Tour)
Silent Civilian (2 tours)
Straight Line Stitch(2 tours)
36 Crazy Fists
The Destro(1 tour)
Twelve Tribes
Walls of Jericho

Set List

All Original Set (up to 1 hr):