Occam'z Razor

Occam'z Razor

 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA


The founding members of Grandpa Rage have been playing their music for almost 30 years having started like many in their era, as a hobby or a pursuit of some kind of dream that may some day come true. For the past ten years however, they’ve played in their own studio, sharing the costs of developing what has allowed them to create a fresh sound that stands out as an intrinsically distinctive and original instrumental style.

Joe Kenney is featured on lead guitar and fills in this band’s instrumental structure with a melodic presence that winds up being a phenomenal lead sound. Jody Garin is a solid rhythm accompaniment that allows the original songs this band has created together to really flow with a toe-tapping groove.

When in their full ensemble, Greg Jaeger has a superb and powerful, yet interestingly accentuating percussion presence allowing this band to deliver a solid range unique with its original style that's really beyond what is expected from the typical instrumental genre. Add Tom Strohm on Bass and Percussion and you have an awesome, unique sound unlike anything you've heard in the rock genre!

Jody’s daughter Alex, who played as part of Musikfest’s Piano Showcase in 2009, will then play piano and add an accent of youthful freshness and classically-trained expertise. And Garin's son Jesse is an unbelievable talent on drums as the band commands an audience that cuts across generations with a sound rare and exclusive to those yearning for something different.

The four founding members have known each other since childhood and have been playing together since 2001. They play an excellent acoustic rock/jam band instrumental style where the band’s virtually peerless and distinct sound provides listeners with a captivating and pleasurable experience that is sure to make you wonder why you didn’t hear from them before!



Broken Parts and Missing Pieces
Swivel Hip Heaven
Don’t Even Think of Parking Here
Phased Summer
Pyrenees Has a Gun
Another Reality
What Did You Mutate To?
Boulder Field Philosophy
Come Up to My Room
TV Crooks


Time Collections
Under Suspicion
Hybrid Dream
Your Crooked Smile
What Are We Waiting For?
Britain’s Border
Funky Record
Military Magnetism
Clown Haven
Respite for the Robots
Unexplained Chemistry
Champagne for Breakfast
Negative Reinforcement
Portuguese Stockings
Caustic Adventure
Another Social Nightmare
Cryptic Messages