Occasional Rascuedos

Occasional Rascuedos


Funky, bluesy rock from a whole different place featuring prefunk grooves, searing slide guitar and a rythmn section thats tighter than tight! The Rascuedos love to jam and take renditions of their songs to the limits of credibility. Blues funk begins right here...


Played at 'M' club and also in the Cafe Direct lift in the Pleasance Courtyard at Edinburgh Festival 2003. Present line up formed 2004. Played lots of regular gigs in North West UK and in London since. Did a mini tour of New York and Connecticut in 2005. Headlined the Anderson Music Stage at Guilfest 2006. Played at the 'Party in Prague' Festival 2007. In 2008 we played Edinburgh Fringe festival Fringe Sunday, Tommyfest and B Festival. Apperance of our drummer Zofia on Channel 4 'How the other half live" 15/4/10 coincided with recording of single 'Journey to the north' - release 21/5/10. For the full detailed Rascuedos Story see our website www.rascuedos.co.uk



Written By: Occasional Rascuedos

I got it from the supermarket in a plastic tray
In a bag in a box, a carton and cellophane
In a carrier bag that I can carry it off in
But that was yesterday, I been trying to get in but there's no way
If I don't eat soon I'll be in a box myself

If you buy 2 you can get the 3rd one free
Pay more than you want get more than you'll ever need
And someone down the chain will feel the squeeze
Take it home and stick it in the freezer, using power throughout the
Polar expedition will find it there next year and you can throw it away

This fare that you find here upon your plate
Was farmed just down the road and sent away
Processed by skillful needy slaves
Round the world in many days, so far away and back again
If I get in I can help it on its way back to a life on the ocean wave

Be careful with that kitchen knife
Or you might just take your life
You'd be better off to leave it to the wife
These bandages concealed in a packet, a plastic case, a metal jacket
Bleed to death, I'll soon be growing wings - this Packaging

Journey to the north

Written By: Occasional Rascuedos

Hungover sky, a town in the dark
I sound like a crow and I’m up with the lark
Last night I was soaked, I’m cold and I’m wet
I think I’m turning into an old pub carpet

Water falls out of a black hanging sky
If I wasn’t so hurried I know I would cry
I’m choking on fumes, I fall through the door
There’s fag ash and lungs on the greasy bus floor

This is a journey to somewhere I know
I don’t want to be and I’ve been there before
Please strengthen my wings, give me heart and a voice
And a clear view ahead and a journey to the north

Fire up the boiler, shovel the coal
Unleash the beast we’re ready to roll
Out of the station, out through the night
The past is a dot, it begins to be light

Overnight sleepers I’m passing your door
Your only escape from your miserable chores
Your world is a blur and I leave you behind
I’m heading northward, what will I find?

Oh the melding of man and machine
The colourful chatter of wheels
We trundle along through the tranquil scene
Oh the patchwork of meadows and fields
The animals munching the green
Who’ve not yet been turned into meals

The Angel looks down with a burden of steel
She sees what you see, she feels how you feel
Gives you a smile as she opens her wings
Shows you the way to much better things

This is a journey to somewhere I know
That I want to be and I’ve been there before
Please strengthen my wings, give me heart and a voice
And a clear view ahead and a journey to the north


'World of Carrots' EP 2003
'3 Days at Garstang Airport' EP 2005
'Motorcycle Display Team' album 2006
'From Somewhere Else' album 2008
'Journey to the North' single May 2010

Set List

Set list 30 mins up to 2 hours (have played 3 and a half!) Lots of original material featured on albums 'Motorcycle Display Team' and 'From Somewhere Else' and EPs 'World of Carrots' and '3 days at Garstang Airport'. Can do entire gig of original material, entire gig of covers or split. Covers featured include:
Scar tissue and Dani California by the Chilis
Dont fear the reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
No one knows by Queens of the Stone Age
Are friends electric? by Gary Numan
plus many more including number by the Rolling Stones, Cream, Jimmy Hendrix and Elvis