Oceana Gayden

Oceana Gayden


Oceana Gayden and her band are a folk/country/rock band with original sounds. The pure unaffected vocals of Oceana, and the weave of the guitars and percussion make for an original sound that is rare. Just finished their concert for David Lynch with Moby and Donovan.


Oceana performed three shows at The Bonnaroo Festival, then off to London and LA, they were on the road for 18 months, and are now in the studio recording a new CD. Influenced by Oceana's bohemian upbringing, living constantly with band rehearsals at her home (Father was with Barefoot Jerry, Area Code 615, Skyboat), she was on tour at two months old, even cradled by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac at Criteria Studio when her dad was recording there in the middle of Fleetwood recording Rumors and The Eagles doing Hotel California.

Oceana is very original, three members of the band are family so the vibe is authenic. The sound is rhythmic interwoven leads, slide guitar, with a taste of funk/ folk. Oceana's unpretentious vocals are her own, and you don't find many girl singers that vocally jam with the band

Her originals demonstrate a familiarity with the folk-country-rock lexicon and a depth of songwriting rarely found in one so young. But if nothing else, Oceana knows how high the songwriting bar is set.

Although, Oceana has been in the studio working on the new CD, she took off time to perform for David Lynch at his David Lynch Weekend with Moby and Donovan to a sold out crowd. The weekend included seminars on sustainable living and bio diesel fuels and consciousness based education.

Wild Child Records • P.O. Box 128469, Nashville, TN. 37212 • 615/579-1561


Cyber Gypsies - Debut Album


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