Ocean Exposition

Ocean Exposition


One fan put it best..."What Pink Floyd would sound like if they were a jazz band!" OE is basically the best of both worlds...high energy with musicianship; neo-classical compositions with improvisation;


The "Ocean" represents life, evolution and motion.
The unpredictability of the Ocean in Time and Space.
The "Exposition" is the gathering and display of these parts into one big piece of music.
Most of the compositions are connected in someway, either borrowing melodies, grooves
or progressions from one another or simply by connecting one song or improvisation into the next.
What Frank Zappa called "Conceptual Continuity".


Ocean Exposition 2003

Set List

01. Dawn on the Water
02. Ocean Dream
03. Laughing Face
04. Wave
05. Drowning
06. Ocean Exposition

07. Kiki (Japanese: Danger Opportunity)
08. Nada Brahma
09. Lily
10. Samsara
11. Ordinary Mind
12. Keenan
13. Aloysius
14. Bequest
15. Thompsontown
16. Fraticelli
17. Untitled Dark
18. Untitled Slide
19. Curved time and space
20. The Letter
21. UKE
22. Thompson on Tricycle
23. Cops on Bicycles
24. That Funny Feeling
25. Your Name

- The Tourist (radiohead)
- In the Hall of the Mt. King(Edvard Grieg)
- Baby Bitch (ween)
- Fast Enough For You (phish)
- Julia (beatles)
- Echoes (pink floyd)
- Pyramid Song (radiohead)
- Only Love Can Break your Heart (neil young)
- Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)
- Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix)
- Life on Mars (david bowie)
- Black Hole Sun (sound garden)