This ain't your fathers 70s flower power prog rock though...inspired solos, and rolling polyrhythmic math rock licks just to keep everything fresh. I can see these guys doing some pretty fantastic work on an album, which I'm told is in the works,
keep your ears open for these guys - Noisography


Oceanic thanks its obvious Newfoundland folk influence of which its earliest flag was flown from rightfully so, however, tradition was quickly cleansed but never forgotten with the influence of Progressive, Experimental, Jazz and Latin players on its founding members Cameron Lawrence (drums) and Glen O'Keefe (Guitar)

Since relocating to Halifax the two have revolved around a few musicians but eventually stuck with Mike Macphee on the Bass.

One can expect various musical influences ranging from folk and jazz fusion oriented guitar sequences to full on Latin percussion grooves. The songs offer a back drop of certain progressive rock movements with ambient bowed electric bass, swirling synths, and effected guitar loops merging them all into one hour of music.


Currently working on full length debut release due out soon