Liverpool, England, GBR

Oceanis, whilst delivering an almost flawless performance with unparalleled energy live, serve to both Destroy and create in what can only be described as an onslaught on the senses!!


Hailing from Liverpool, UK, Oceanis consists of five like minded individuals obsessed with creating music that is bold, new, heavy and dynamic. With each member being influenced by a variety of styles and genres this melting pot of technical metal, rock and death metal serves to both bludgeon and sooth the listener at the same time. Formed in 2010, Oceanis have thus far played a variety of gigs in and around the North West and focus on giving a tight and explosive performance. Oceanis are currently putting their collective talents into creating an EP that contains their strongest and heaviest material to date. With plans to gig heavily over the coming months, Oceanis are dedicated, focused and intensely passionate about what they do, taking their time to deliver quality material to anyone who will listen.


Brotherhood (single version pre-production) - (2/02/2012)

Planets (EP) - release date 1/03/2012